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  1. AWNick

    Consumer Confusion and Lead Response - How do you handle?

    We were told many vehicles were in stock before we got there. "I just touched the car," he'd say while on the phone with me - 30 minutes before I got to the dealership. Drive 30 minutes and the car doesn't exist. We were told that we were required to pay an extra $1,500 as an ADDON for the...
  2. AWNick

    Consumer Confusion and Lead Response - How do you handle?

    Call me the devil if you will, but the last time I bought a car (about a month ago) I almost went through Carvana. Between dealers giving me the run-around, lying through their teeth, wasting tons of time, trying to force me to buy addons, and being downright awful to deal with, I was willing...
  3. AWNick

    What's a HOT Option worth?

    Oh hell yeah baby thats what i'm talking about
  4. AWNick

    CHEAP Website Options

    What is it that you're looking to pay?
  5. AWNick

    Help With Odd Website Analytics & BOT Traffic.

    Have you tried looking into whether its paid traffic, organic traffic, etc? You could be buying garbage paid traffic that comes in droves but doesn't do anything, or you could be experiencing a high amount of bot traffic. You could also break it down to pages and see where it's coming from...
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  7. AWNick

    My Rant about DealerInspire.

    We only have a few clients and they all have us manage basically everything on their websites. The few that do manage their own pages have been happy (so far!). We just try to avoid the use of plugins as much as we can. We want to minimize dependencies, extra fluff, and load times. I think if...
  8. AWNick

    My Rant about DealerInspire.

    Thanks for the feedback. I understand not wanting to have to work within the constraints of a builder. I would rather build every page through PHP templates, but that's not realistic for everyone. When it comes to our websites, we build custom Gutenberg blocks on a dealer-to-dealer level with...
  9. AWNick

    My Rant about DealerInspire.

    What do you guys dislike about Gutenberg? We modify Gutenberg and create/disable blocks on a dealer-to-dealer basis so that it's more capable and easy for the dealers to use.
  10. AWNick

    My Rant about DealerInspire.

    Our websites are very custom and done with WordPress. We've built our own page builder for customers in the past, but we're now using the new WordPress Gutenberg editor for clients now. It allows us to create custom, reusable blocks, hide blocks that suck or are unnecessary, and is pretty...
  11. AWNick

    Can't Ignore the Carvana Craze!

    No doc fees make their pricing more competitive than people realize. After going around trying to buy a car for my wife for about a month and having to deal with dealers, we got really close to buying from Carvana. Dealers are just shooting themselves in the foot with this and I don't see a way...
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  13. AWNick Advertising is a no go according to DDC themselves

    Very entertaining to read and not exactly surprising! Thanks for the share!
  14. AWNick

    DealerSocket Email Hell

    Maybe he's just calling DealerSocket old school and not the SPF record issue itself. SPF records are a good thing and I think the policy is good, but the bigger issue is that our website clients just stopped receiving leads and weren't notified at ALL by DealerSocket about the implementation...
  15. AWNick

    DealerSocket Email Hell

    One of our engineers wrote up a little something that DealerSocket CRM folks may find useful:
  16. AWNick

    DealerSocket Email Hell

    One of our clients had this issue while using one of our custom websites and the DealerSocket CRM. We updated their SPF record through CloudFlare and got it all sorted out. Our engineer that fixed it is working on a blog post for how he worked it out. I don't know if it'll help you guys out, but...
  17. AWNick

    Please Stop with the Website Add-Ons

    fusionZone's got some real gems.
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  19. AWNick

    SEO Issue | Fox Dealer Websites

    They're also responsible for this atrocity, soooo.
  20. AWNick

    Data Studio Help!

    Nice! I need to travel around Washington more. I've only done the Seattle/Portland drive.
  21. AWNick

    Data Studio Help!

    Right on. Where in Washington are you located?
  22. AWNick

    Data Studio Help!

    Are you certain that you're using the same Google Analytics 'View" and date/time range? Also, you could try setting the Dimension (the green one) in Data Studio to 'Default Channel Grouping' instead of 'Acquisition Channel'. My data studio numbers are regularly imperfect, but usually only +-5...
  23. AWNick

    DealerAuthority Black Friday Hangover?

    I don't work in the dealership, but if Google Analytics was any indicator - most dealership's don't have a high octane Black Friday. Also, is anyone really offering a "Black Friday"-level deal? I saw some dealerships offering $250 towards protection packages when you purchase a car as their...
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