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  1. Jason

    #RefreshFriday No Longer Loyalty in Automotive? | Jason Stum & Brian Miller of Dealer Inspire

    Thanks again for having us on @Alex Snyder & @Jeff Kershner! Here's the link to our How To Achieve Next-Level Loyalty webinar that we teased during the show. Check it out to discover how you can keep more of your own customers by creating a retention marketing machine. It'll air on 9/28 at 1PM...
  2. Jason

    Googles Update to Personalized advertising policies - new targeting restrictions

    Blue Squadron, Standing By! Hey all, just wanted to let everyone know that I'm hosting a webinar on Tuesday, March 2 (1PM EST / NOON CST) where a few of my Dealer Inspire friends will show you how to adjust the targeting in your Google Ads campaigns to overcome the restrictions (as discussed in...
  3. Jason

    QR Codes - In or Out?

    I'm 100% positive that I commented on this thread back in the day head over heels in love with the idea of QR codes at the dealership. To your point @Ryan Everson let's not forget how Snap Codes, Spotify Codes, et al. have pretty much made the idea of scanning something with your phone to...
  4. Jason

    Edge 5 - Email Marketing Service

    Hey @CraigB — One of the last meetings I took before I left the dealer world was with Edge 5. Now that was 4.5 years ago, so I won't share my thoughts here but if I'd be happy to tell you what I know via DM if you're interested.
  5. Jason

    Website ADA Compliance - Lawsuits Coming (is your site built for the blind)

    Having put together some of the internal training docs for our team at DI regarding AudioEye, I ended up learning more about the subject of web accessibility than the average bear. In the name of disseminating information, I thought I'd share this 2m12s vid from AudioEye that does a fine job of...
  6. Jason

    Success with Twitter?

    Pssst. I'll tell you a secret. Twitter isn't for posting. It's for "listening". 1. Use Twitter Search to find people tweeting about "car shopping" near you. 90% of those tweets will sound like this: 2. Tweet at them and offer to help. 3. Profit. Adopt a Listen / Assist approach to...
  7. Jason

    Social Media Manager Payscale

    Hey Ben, I'll share with you what I can from my own personal experience, but please note while my circumstances were similar to yours at the start, there are some differences which I'll note below. Back in 2011 I became the Social Media Manager for an automotive group with 13 locations (at the...
  8. Jason

    Guess the Villain Game - from RefreshFriday

    @Chris Leslie Soooo you comment on it to make it pop back up again for everyone else?! :p
  9. Jason

    Math Problem - If we have 361 Reviews with a 4.3 Average how many...

    Dan, I'm no rocket surgeon, but just going on the math alone it would take 271 consecutive five star reviews to go from a 4.3 to 4.6 based on the info you shared. I think. Lol. Maybe someone else can confirm or deny that Edit: Looks like @jon.berna answered as I was figuring this out. Confirmed?
  10. Jason

    Adding Fixed Ops departments to Google My Business Listings

    @georgenenni In cases like yours, where GMB service department listings do not exist, you can create them and verify them. We've done this for our clients when needed.
  11. Jason

    Adding UTM to GMB Listing, but keeps reverting back?

    Right on! Also, look in the backend of their CDK website. If these items are checked, that could be the cause of the website link being overriden
  12. Jason

    CRM. More bad than good?

    Bad Decision: The ability to use Comic Sans in CRM email templates? ;) All joking aside though, the idea that CRMs in general are "good enough" for email marketing so dealers don't need to invest in a dedicated platform to create, segment, distribute and analyze the effectiveness of their email...
  13. Jason

    CDK Websites See Significant Organic Traffic Increases

    Could it be that it wasn't the algorithm update, but something else that coincidentally occurred around the same time? The past month or so, we've had a number of clients report that organic traffic to their CDK site increased, while organic traffic to their DI website decreased. When...
  14. Jason

    Google Project Beacon #findoutwhy

    We had enough clients reach out and ask us if we knew why Google would have sent them a beacon, that I wrote a blog post to sum it all up. The quick version: Google is sending beacons to select businesses who use Google’s advertising services and have enabled location extensions. If you didn’t...
  15. Jason

    New Ad Blocker for Google Chrome

    Well, I will agree that this is all about the money, but not quite the way you describe. IMO this is a preemptive measure by Google to stop people from using tools like Ad Blocker that will block ALL the ads on any given website. With Chrome actively blocking only the most obtrusive ads on a...
  16. Jason

    Facebook vs Google Ads

    Another way to say it is Google is for Intent and Facebook/IG is for Discovery. One does not replace the other :)
  17. Jason

    Email losers

    Return Path has two tools that will let you check your CRM's Sender Score (Reputation) and if the server is blacklisted or not. You just need the IP address of your mail server. To get it, just send yourself an email from your CRM to your personal email address and view the header to grab the...
  18. Jason

    What's Your Mobile Page Speed? It's Now Becoming an Official Google Ranking Factor

    To your point @Alexander Lau simply having Google Analytics code on your website will take off a point or two from your score because it triggers the "leverage browser caching" warning because GA only stays cached for 2 hours. The goal should be to have your desktop and mobile scores be in The...
  19. Jason

    New Google My Business Feature

    @Chris Leslie Apparently there's a bug that is preventing videos from appearing