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  1. Eric Miltsch

    #RefreshFriday Dealer Website SEO Audit | Eric Miltsch & Christian Robinson

    Chris - thanks for volunteering your site and taking time today. Nice work with your site, let me know if you have any other questions. @Jeff Kershner & @Alex Snyder, thank you guys as well. Always great to see you, fun show today!
  2. Eric Miltsch

    5 Automotive Industry Predictions For 2021

    Thanks, Joe - always appreciate your feedback. This post is just a fun way to look ahead at the year! Great points you raised as well. Self-driving vehicles as a movement will be interesting to watch, especially with its impact on the insurance companies as well. Imagine 50% fewer car accidents?
  3. Eric Miltsch

    5 Automotive Industry Predictions For 2021

    Automotive Prediction time again! Who could have predicted last year’s insanity? A well-deserved shoutout goes out to everyone in the auto industry. Everyone did the impossible and worked hard to show the perseverance that the auto industry is known for. While 2020 is in the rear-view mirror...
  4. Eric Miltsch

    #RefreshFriday Eric Miltsch joins us to review his 2020 Predictions

    Thank you Jeff & Alex! We always have fun sharing with the community.
  5. Eric Miltsch

    PR & News Dealer Teamwork Boosts Its Automotive Marketing with New Local SEO Service

    Hi @ChrisH, We're the first company to offer an integrated local SEO solution that ties it back to a proprietary platform. We include a connection to the GMB and our MPOP®, plus the management of local citations & review sites. And yes, I agree with your statement, "Any SEO company worth...
  6. Eric Miltsch

    8 Automotive Marketing Predictions For 2020

    Thanks George! You’re absolutely right - let’s put our heads together and see what else we can come up with.
  7. Eric Miltsch

    8 Automotive Marketing Predictions For 2020

    Thanks! I haven’t seen any dealerships yet. Looks like big retailers, media outlets and celebrities are just getting on-board recently though. I’m sure we’ll start seeing some salespeople joining though.
  8. Eric Miltsch

    8 Automotive Marketing Predictions For 2020

    Happy New Year! Time for the 2020 automotive marketing predictions. For the first time in several years, dealers face decreasing new car sales numbers and higher average prices. Fortunately, the cloud of confusion surrounding digital marketing seems to be dissipating. The industry broke away...
  9. Eric Miltsch

    Local SEO suggestions

    Agree with @reverson - focus on your on-page & local SEO efforts before you move on to off-page elements.
  10. Eric Miltsch

    Issues with CarWars, any alternatives?

    Interactivetel also has a solution for that as well.
  11. Eric Miltsch

    Digital Marketing in Automotive Retail

    Just a few quick examples of what I'd recommend regarding the meta data you shared in your post. Happy to share more recommendations for your websites & your Google My Business profiles as well - feel free to shoot me a message with any questions. Chevrolet Car Dealership New & Used Cars -...
  12. Eric Miltsch

    Dealer Teamwork Here's How Your Dealer Can Use Google My Business to Drive More Website Traffic

    Great post, Joe! I also like the new Products section that's showing up in more GMB profiles too. Add categories (body styles, used cars, service, rentals, etc) Add products & prices Add images & descriptions too
  13. Eric Miltsch

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to the DealerRefresh Community!!

    Thanks for all you do for DR, Jeff & Alex! Merry Christmas & a very happy New Year too!
  14. Eric Miltsch

    Issues with CarWars, any alternatives?

    Check out Interactivetel. Very reliable with smart features such as sentiment analysis and key phrase spotting for easier management & training. (Ask for Jack Behar)
  15. Eric Miltsch

    Best SEO Company for 2020? And......go!

    John, I'll offer up my simple recipe for SEO success: We all know that building quality content on a consistent basis is needed - however, it often becomes an exercise in futility. Why is the content being created? What is the primary topic, how is it being targeted & optimized? Do the...
  16. Eric Miltsch

    CarGurus - Dealer Website Badge

    The badge is actually a good idea because it solves a key psychological issue for used car shoppers - letting them know if they are getting a good deal. Plus, it gives 3rd party confirmation vs just the dealer's word. I helped CarGurus build this badge four years ago when we opened our used car...
  17. Eric Miltsch

    Question on Digital Retailing.. Could displaying payments on your website scare off customers?

    @Jerry Thibeau is absolutely correct. National, regional, & branded offers & incentives are always available. The problem has always been the same: How do you consistently publish those offers to your website and other digital marketing channels. Current situation: Nearly 90% of all vehicle...
  18. Eric Miltsch

    Brand new to the industry- HELP!

    @EmilyJSpellman - Start slow - you're opening yourself up to get flooded with requests from all the experts, gurus & visionaries Start with Local SEO - the dealership GMB is often not optimized to capture & track local traffic (CTA UTMs, categories, Products & Services link, posts, review...
  19. Eric Miltsch

    Redesign 2019 is LIVE

    Love the new updates! Nice job!
  20. Eric Miltsch

    Weird SERP with Google - What's Up With That?

    Thanks - you as well. Try the same search in the ad preview tool, you may see different results. Here's what I'm seeing in ad preview for Rochester NY car dealers.