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  1. emilymoore

    Current CRMs are missing an important piece of our business

    I have recently submitted a feature request to Vinsolutions that could expand the capability of the CRM to include the important function of purchasing vehicles from our customers. Every dealer has become a buying center, yet our CRM fails to provide an adequate way of handling these customers...
  2. emilymoore

    Tangible ROI in Social Media

    Maybe I was unclear. I do use it for the business. I post to it and I completely understand the value of the reviews and the impact on search for a business. But on a personal level, as a social media platform, I hate it. The way it stands, I will never use it in place of Facebook or Instagram...
  3. emilymoore

    Tangible ROI in Social Media

    I hate Google+ as a social media platform. Personally, it is not something that I use. Technically, I have an account, but I couldn't tell you the last time I actually posted to it. Business-wise, yes of course I see the value of a business listing on Google and I do understand the impact of...
  4. emilymoore

    Tangible ROI in Social Media

    The problem that I have with social media is that by monetizing it, you HAVE to pay to play. If I post on Facebook and do not pay to boost the post, Facebook only shows it to a handful of people. Now, of course if I pay, then its displayed to thousands - which then turns it into "what's my...
  5. emilymoore

    Will you buy a .car .cars or .auto extension?

    I bet another study done now on could "prove" an even higher session count, just by the traffic increase of using it as an example on DR :)
  6. emilymoore

    Will you buy a .car .cars or .auto extension?

    Continuing from my last comment, there are other extensions that you can be just as creative with that are only $40 instead of the $3000-$50000. Such as .tech ( ,, ....) or .life (, ...etc) You get my point. :)
  7. emilymoore

    Will you buy a .car .cars or .auto extension?

    I see it as a form of price-gouging. There is not enough benefit to justify that high of a price tag on something that will confuse people anyway. People will still try to add a .com on to whatever it is. For example, if my web address is people will try to make it...
  8. emilymoore

    The shit hit the fan

    Thanks for the hard work, @Jeff Kershner (and team)!
  9. emilymoore

    Cox Automotive to buy Dealertrack in $4 bln all-cash deal

    I get nervous when one entity owns so many integrated aspects of our business. Not that I think they will exclude dealers, but rather because of the leverage it gives them to extort the business.
  10. emilymoore

    Define the secret Acronyms

    Here are a couple that I didnt see listed yet: MAP: Minimum Advertised Pricing VDP: Vehicle Details Page DMS: Dealer Management System
  11. emilymoore

    Hello All! New to the group

    Wow, I cant believe how fast that 10 years flew by! And how much things have evolved since then!
  12. emilymoore

    Define the secret Acronyms

    Funny story: Several years ago, when I first started in the Service Dept of a Mercedes store, I soon found that they have acronyms for EVERYTHING. ABS, SBS, ABC...etc. The night before, I would go through the pre-writes to make sure we had all of the parts we needed for the following day. I...
  13. emilymoore

    Thoughts on a big-city test for no-haggle pricing?

    IMO, one week wont prove or disprove anything. That's not even enough time to train everyone on how to handle the change in word tracks.
  14. emilymoore

    Back in the car biz.

    Haha...seems like once you're in the car biz, its hard to get out. :) Welcome back!
  15. emilymoore

    if pictures sell cars, then why not NEW cars?

    :iagree: With real photos, it is easier to see exactly how the vehicle is equipped. Often, stock images show features that COULD be on the car, but may not be included on that specific one.
  16. emilymoore

    Ranking of Reputation Sites

    I think they are all important, as they are all reflections of how the customer perceives we do business. If a customer is searching on, they are going to take the reviews from into consideration. I dont believe that they would look at a store with 2 stars showing and research...
  17. emilymoore

    Inventory Marketing, Which Is Better?

    Are there any drawbacks or reasons to not list your inventory on the (legit) free sites or as many places as possible?