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  1. Jason

    New Google My Business Feature

    ICYMI, last week Google added a new feature that allows you to upload videos directly to your Google My Business Page. You'll find the option in your GMB Dashboard under the Photos menu. Google suggests, and I tend to agree, that a video that tells the story of your business and what makes you...
  2. Jason

    Let's Talk About Our Blogs

    Ok DealerRefresher's, I need your input.... The past couple of months I've been asking Car Peeps from across the country to take a quick 5 minute survey about their dealership's blog. So far the results have been intriguing and I wanted to share some data with you and get your thoughts. In...
  3. Jason

    Correlation between sales and website traffic

    I've been toying around with Cars Sold / 1,000 Visits correlation lately. Please note, I am by no means a math or statistical whiz nor do I pretend to be one on interweb forums :) Here's a real life example: Dealership A (name has been redacted to protect the reticent) November 2013 | 14,262...
  4. Jason

    Opportunity Max

    Howdy Refreshers! Just wanted to ask if anyone has and first-hand knowledge of a company called Opportunity Max and the services they offer. Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Jason

    Mobile Sites Hacked

    Spreading the word that all of our Mobile Web Sites were hacked overnight. Doing some googling, I've found that we weren't the only dealer to be hacked. Please check your mobile sites to make sure you are good to go. If you want to Google to see which websites were hacked, use this phrase with...
  6. Jason

    Reproducing Letters For The Web

    I could use a little advice... even in the age of the Interweb, our dealerships still get quite a few hand written thank you notes & cards from our customers each month. A discussion has recently started on how we can use these items online which has brought up a couple of questions we need...
  7. Jason

    Funny Reviews

    I've been doing a lot of deep diving into reviews lately and have run across quite a few amusing ones. I figured this would be a good place to share these reviews to give us all a much needed moment or two of levity. Have you seen any reviews lately that make you laugh?
  8. Jason

    Social Media for a Good Cause

    Greetings Fellow Refreshers! I just thought I'd share with you a little something we have going on over here at the LaFontaine Automotive Group. Kelley LaFontaine recently had the honor of being nominated to be the 2011 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Woman of the Year. It's my privilege to...
  9. Jason

    Social Media Manager Salary?

    Good Morning All! First off, I want to say that these forums have been such a fountain of great information, I can't tell you how happy I am to have found them. Secondly, I hope I am posting this question in the most appropriate section of the forums. So here's the scoop. The Auto Group I...