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    Promoted Article Digital Dealer Vegas 2021 REVIEW with Kevin Frye | #digitaldealer

    April Rain and Julie Frye having a Grizzly Experience I can bearly believe it… Me: “Uh, what exactly is this?” Montana Mountain Man named Kal Bozeman: “Grizzly milk, would you like to try some?” Me: “Does it work?” Kal: “My Dad raised my brother Bo and I on it” (as I look UP to each of...
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    Digital Dealer Las Vegas Oct 2021 Roll Call

    Drew, it was great to meet you in person after my session. I wish I could have spent more time with you, felt very rushed to get out of there for the next speaker as well as the folks standing there with questions. Thanks for attending and let's connect next time friend.
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    Digital Dealer Tampa 2021 Recap with Kevin Frye #digitaldealer

    I don't have the exact numbers, but I would say there were at least a third less vendors present for the show. In fairness, it takes a lot of lead time for a vendor to book a show, and they still had a lot of uncertainty with Covid restrictions. On the dealer side, I know there was a surge in...
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    Digital Dealer Tampa 2021 Recap with Kevin Frye #digitaldealer

    “My boss told me that he is adjusting my pay-play this month based upon how many sessions I attend at Digital Dealer“… (overheard as I was walking into Digital Dealer Tampa). We all know that pay-plans dictate behavior! And with that, let me dictate to you my recap of Digital Dealer Tampa 2021...
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    CarGurus - significant drop in traffic?

    Had a visit with CarFax and they shared this graphic below, which indicates that recent changes to the Google algorithm has created a huge drop in traffic with CarGurus (competitor A) down to the level of AutoTrader and Source is SEMrush. Not sure how accurate this is - curious as to...
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    Thoughts and questions about TDDS 2.0 (Toyota Dealer Digital Solutions)

    Not the case for us - our reps have been very supportive and are working with us. In fact, of all our OEMs, Toyota has historically been the most progressive, attending conferences with us, etc. This appears to be a top-down program being driven out to the dealers
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    Thoughts and questions about TDDS 2.0 (Toyota Dealer Digital Solutions)

    It appears that is correct, and looks like I will have to pay about 4x more for the same thing that I already have with my current provider with "Shift's negotiated rates"
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    What are you doing to replace behavior targeting on Facebook?

    I am impressed - well done Jon! I believe that it makes the most sense for dealers to partner with someone that can use the dealers and/or their own outside data to help them target in-market shoppers on FB and Instagram. I am like several of you on this thread that likes to do things in-house...
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    Cox Automotive Acquires Clutch Technologies

    And this is the biggest challenge - understanding the true total cost of ownership. Truth - it is actually not that expensive, hence the razor thin margins. Most of our initial subscribers have been business owners. Why? They understand numbers and the total cost of owning a car. Surprisingly...
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    Cox Automotive Acquires Clutch Technologies

    Just listened to Sandy Schwarz speak on Tuesday morning at VinWorx and he indicated that Cox has zero desire to tie up money in inventory - I don't believe they have any desire to do this directly with consumers. And on the same line, I believe most of the OEM solutions are being tested so that...
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    Cox Automotive Acquires Clutch Technologies

    Two items here IMHO. First - Cox taking the direction of "mobility solutions". I agree. Our market continues to evolve and change rapidly. Dealers will move towards providing mobility solutions, which can include the subscription model. I believe dealers should pay special attention to fleet...
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    Congratulations to Kevin Frye - Recipient of the 2018 Lighthouse Award

    Humbled to receive this award, and honored to join Jeff and Alex. It doesn't seem that long ago that each of us was trailblazing the way on how to best handle automotive eCommerce, and DealerRefresh was the central gathering point to exchange ideas. I remember finally meeting Jeff and Alex in...
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    Reach out to me at 513-752-7450 x10131. We have some of the VinCameras that we no longer use.
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    Kevin Frye's Review of Digital Dealer 22

    Louis Ziskin reached out to me from Dropininc and wanted to clarify some of the confusion I had with their product. He took the time to write me an email with further detail which I have copied and pasted below, I apologize for not fully understanding their solution and wanted to share what...
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    Adword Agencies - Why are Dealers SO UNTRUSTING?

    I am looking to put together a session for Digital Dealer called "SEM made Simple". There is no reason why a GM or other decision maker cannot see whether their SEM spend is effective - I think most just need a better understanding of how to interpret the reporting data to make the best...
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    DrivingSales 2016 / #DSES - How was it for you?

    Perhaps my expectations were too high, but of the four DSES events I have attended (of 8 total), this one seemed to lack in energy and attendance compared to previous events. Keynote speakers were ok, with the exception of Ken Schmidt of Harley Davidson who brought great content and energy to...
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    Adword Agencies - Why are Dealers SO UNTRUSTING?

    Why are dealers so untrusting? For years, the answer was quite simple, dealers had no idea of the ridiculous commissions being taken by SEM providers, and some of this still goes on with the OEM coop programs. When dealers started waking up and seeing that they were being taken advantage of...
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    When do you AXE your TOP Sales Pro?

    First - well written piece that expresses the frustration that so many of us have. And why do we have that frustration? We are trying to guide our dealerships through the greatest change this industry has ever seen, and will likely see, and wherever you find great change, you will find great...
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    Text Us message conversion from Website and VDP?

    We have had great success with our texting tools. I hear some concerns about the amount of texts received, but remember, you are providing another preferred channel of communication for your shoppers. For those folks that use the text tool, the closing rate on these leads are well above average...
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    Will you buy a .car .cars or .auto extension?

    Cliff Banks had a nice piece on this. Sounds like $3000 per domain for a registered trademark, then starting at $50k apiece and working downward when they open up to everyone in January.