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  1. Eric Miltsch

    5 Automotive Industry Predictions For 2021

    Automotive Prediction time again! Who could have predicted last year’s insanity? A well-deserved shoutout goes out to everyone in the auto industry. Everyone did the impossible and worked hard to show the perseverance that the auto industry is known for. While 2020 is in the rear-view mirror...
  2. Eric Miltsch

    8 Automotive Marketing Predictions For 2020

    Happy New Year! Time for the 2020 automotive marketing predictions. For the first time in several years, dealers face decreasing new car sales numbers and higher average prices. Fortunately, the cloud of confusion surrounding digital marketing seems to be dissipating. The industry broke away...
  3. Eric Miltsch

    What Do You Predict For 2016?

    It's time for my favorite blog post of the year, on DealerRefresh, where I look ahead & offer up some predictions for 2016! 2015 was another incredible year for the automotive business with regards to retail sales, product developments and dealership strategies. (Check out my post from last...
  4. Eric Miltsch

    Google Glass (All Wearable Technology)

    So who's interested in wearable technology? Discussion about anything from Google Glass, Galaxy Gear, Quantified Self & any other personal technology solution. Have you tried any of these products yet? What's your early take on this movement?
  5. Eric Miltsch

    FREE Social Media Monitoring Software Trial

    Hi Everyone, Here's a new Social Media Monitoring Program offering a FREE 60 Day Premium Trial, provided by Trackle. Besides sharing a great new service, I'm fortunate to be 1 of 36 finalists in Trackle's iPad giveaway Contest. (All I had to do was answer a trivia question on twitter.) The...
  6. Eric Miltsch

    Tips for Vendors

    Jeff & Alex have posted the rules about blatant vendor self-promotion/sales pitches within the forums - here's my thoughts on how a vendor would grab my attention... Replying to someone's question about a topic, or offering your side-by-side competitor comparisons won't prompt a phone call or...