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  1. emilymoore

    Current CRMs are missing an important piece of our business

    I have recently submitted a feature request to Vinsolutions that could expand the capability of the CRM to include the important function of purchasing vehicles from our customers. Every dealer has become a buying center, yet our CRM fails to provide an adequate way of handling these customers...
  2. emilymoore

    Predator alert | How much info is safe to provide to a stranger?

    Our typical response to a customer's vehicle request not only includes information about the car, but also a good deal of personal info. We provide our name, where we work, the hours we are there, our cell#, a photo... I honestly never really gave it much thought that someone would mis-use this...
  3. emilymoore

    Dataium and AutoTrader's Combined Study

    I just received a phone call from someone at Dataium requesting that I opt into a combined study they are doing with AutoTrader. (Here is the opt-in info Data Sharing Permission Form ) I didn't realize they were working together to collect data, but it doesn't surprise me. Apparently, the...
  4. emilymoore

    DealerRater Analytics (Or lack thereof)

    DealerRater offers ad space on their Dealer Directory Page(s), but I found out that they do not offer any Impression or CTR reporting. So, I have 2 questions for DealerRater... 1) Why is this info not available? If I pay for banner advertising, I would like some way of measuring its...
  5. emilymoore

    Google's Upcoming SEO Changes

    Google's Matt Cutts pre-announced changes Google will be implementing to the ranking and indexing algorithms in the next few months. Specifically, he mentioned about ten changes coming to Google's search results and algorithms over this summer. Major Penguin Update Advertorial Spam Spammy...
  6. emilymoore

    Google Cars: No longer in beta

    I just learned that Google Cars, (Google's version of Autotrader) is no longer in beta, and is expected to start taking on additional markets in the very near future. Listing your inventory will be free, but they expect to sell their leads to the dealers. Everything will be...
  7. emilymoore

    Google Review Responses - MIA

    This morning I discovered that all of our responses to our Google Reviews are completely gone - like they never even happened; they were all there just 2 days ago. :cursin: I'm hoping that they will magically reappear (with the appropriate time stamp). Anyone else experiencing this?
  8. emilymoore

    DR Meetup (Mid-Atlantic) - Who would be interested?

    We/ I keep saying how cool it would be if there was a DealerRefresh Meetup. So, I'm starting a thread to see how many of you would actually come if one was organized in the Washington DC Metro area and what would you want it to consist of or not include...
  9. emilymoore

    Happy Birthday, Jeff Kershner!

    Have a GREAT Birthday!!!! :woohoo:
  10. emilymoore

    Ignore your Manufacturer website(s)? Why??

    I received this response above a few days ago in a different conversation and it made me wonder how many dealers actually do that? How many dealers sign up for the cheapest available package for their manufacturer's site and then try to completely forget it exists....and why?? I completely...
  11. emilymoore

    Today's Humor | Say What?!

    In a way this is funny, and at the same time its sad (I chose to laugh) - I was looking through the search phrases that people type in to find Fitzgerald Auto Mall in Google and this one caught my attention: "fitzgarrel catalack in glen burnie md" Let's lighten up the day; what are some...
  12. emilymoore

    Google Places Now Requesting Business Licenses?

    Google Places Now Requesting Business Licenses? | Understanding Google Places & Local Search Apparently, Google Places is now going so far as to request a business license from some businesses to verify their authenticity. Has anyone run into this? Is it legit? Thoughts?
  13. emilymoore

    Flood damage?

    With the passing of Hurricane Irene, I would imagine that there were a lot of vehicles on the East Coast that were flooded. I know when we appraise a vehicle, we ask if its ever been in an accident or had any paint work, if the odometer's accurate, etc. and then we make the customer sign off on...
  14. emilymoore

    do u use ur brain?

    I personally haven't figured out yet if having a computer in my pocket has made me smarter or dumber. On one hand, I feel more empowered, because I can look up things instantly and learn about subjects I would've never thought to know before. I can watch YouTube videos that show me anything I...
  15. emilymoore

    Google Jumble (Help please)

    :huh?: I am having a fit with our Google Places, and I figured maybe someone here could help me sort it out. Please?!? Here's the background: We have 6 franchises plus a used car center and a collision center located at 4 postal addresses. Our owner had the original listings on his personal...