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  1. jon.berna

    Driven Data: Live Stats

    I shared this last week on Refresh Friday that we would be publishing our Live Stats, which is an aggregation of the dealerships on our platform that updates daily. The entire business has changed and as our data reflects, what you thought was good is 2019 is irrelevant in 2021+ We started a...
  2. jon.berna

    The most amazing review in automotive history

    What more do I need to say? @Jeff Kershner you are a god among men. Link:
  3. jon.berna

    Driven Data is Hiring

    Special things are happening at Driven Data. We are hiring for multiple roles: client success, sales, technical positions as well as senior leadership. If you have that rare combination of technical skills and automotive experience I want to talk to you. We are a startup that has just...
  4. jon.berna

    CRMs w/ Enterprise Data for Dealer Groups

    After seeing this article from Brian Pasch LINK, I wanted to see what CRMs are doing to handle this need. I think most of us can be enamored from time to time by pretty reports but I find the most important need with enterprise information is how it can be used by the "Boots on the ground."...
  5. jon.berna

    See You Later Autotrader!

    After a full year year review of Autotrader vs. vs. my tier 1 digital advertising it was apparent that Autotrader was costing 2-3x more per opportunity (calls/leads) compared to and our other tier 1 advertising. I do not and will not subscribe to the notion that Autotrader or...