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  1. DrewAment

    Dealership Network - Existing Model Going Away?

    A couple of articles here. Yes, they are in Europe. The manufactures are thinking longer term. Could this come to the U.S., and how might it affect us? I have made the statement before -- "If you are a family/generational and/or small dealership or group, might be time to rethink." We have...
  2. DrewAment

    Vender Request Meetings - Time Zones

    Just my opinion, but it seems like customer service 101 ---- It is YOUR job as a vender (trying to sell) or support person, to know which time zone the client/prospect is in. And, work around THEIR schedule and timing, and make it convenient for them. - When a client/prospect in CA says 1pm for...
  3. DrewAment

    Chance for a gift card? Vendor Surveys?

    Does anyone actually fill out the surveys from the providers/venders?? Since I have multiple dealer/group emails I probably see more than the average person, but dang. 20 min of time for a "chance" to win a gift card -- LOL. I must get 7-8 of these a week. "You will be entered into a drawing...
  4. DrewAment

    Calendar Invites - Sharing / Forwarding

    If you are a vender - why in the world would you send out a calendar invite that is locked from being forwarded/shared - or lock the ability to invite other people by your attendees? Imagine sending a calendar invite to a IM or MM. Who does some "pre-recon" on your pitch and thinks the GM...
  5. DrewAment

    Bumper Before You Buy - Vehicle History Reports Anybody else seen this?? They have been doing a heavy push in my state (Arizona) on Facebook ads. Thoughts on another vehicle history report?
  6. Get Podium
  7. DrewAment

    CarGurus vs Carfax - Good and Great _or_ Great and Good?

    2 vehicles -- and notice the badges?? LOL - it is almost like opposing opinions?
  8. DrewAment

    Dealersocket <> Adpearance Inc. dba Four Eyes

    Ouch -- wonder what the story is here? Can't get a straight answer from anyone on either side.
  9. DrewAment

    In Need of Inventory (New Car)

    a little of a reach here -- but I have OEM/Franchise dealers that are looking for NEW (not used) inventory. I know all of us are in the same boat with inventory shortages... but there have to be one/two dealers that have some excess that they would be willing to unload. Anywhere in lower 48 --...
  10. DrewAment

    Advertising, SEM, Display, Facebook - and FEES - do you check what is contracted?

    If a vender is pitching a product - let's say social - and charges a management fees (flat or %%), but then won't give you at least read access to the advertising account.... RUN. One case in point (of several over the last couple weeks) - dealer had me look into their advertising. One vender...
  11. DrewAment - Dealers Facebook Posts are ClickBait

    Interesting thing happened this morning.... I am disabling the DealerRater posting of reviews. Just wondering if anyone else has any insight or if they have seen the same thing? To be honest, I never understood in the DR/FB integration and what benefit it really had for the dealer.
  12. DrewAment

    OTT - Over the Top (Cut the Cord)

    Talked to a few venders at NADA - big push for OTT (Over the Top). They are selling it has highly targeted, and targeted to the household (assuming by IP...all of them pitch the "proprietary" technology). is even selling it....and it is $$$. HIGH CPM if you do the math. Anyways, the...
  13. DrewAment

    CarGurus - Dealer Website Badge

    Has anyone done any research or looking into on what exactly this badge does?? Is is really just an image on the website SRP/VDP? Or is CarGurus using this for something more?? A few thoughts/questions ... 1. Why would you brand...
  14. DrewAment Requesting Facebook Page Admin Access

    Is anyone else having problems with requesting Facebook Page Access to your dealerships page? I get several a week, which are all declined. And, now I have dealers telling me the same thing.... one dealer has declined access 7 times, and they are not even a dealer! I haven't...
  15. DrewAment

    California State Bill AB-2107

    Has anyone seen or looked at the state bill running through CA right now? It is AB2107, and is sponsored by the CNCDA (California New Car Dealers Association)... looks to have full bi-partisan support - and will most likely be law come Jan 1. Full breakdown here -- Fact Sheet The thing that...
  16. DrewAment

    Calendar Invite and SMS Reminder?

    Sat in the corner at a CRM training session - where the CRM provider told the group that a "best practice" was to email the customer a calendar invite after setting the appointment and send them a reminder text the day before. WAIT... WHAT??? Shouldn't "your" CRM send the calendar invite...
  17. DrewAment

    Yelp WiFi Offer

    Anyone else getting a offer like this? Anyone take up Yelp on the offer and have any experience they would like to share? Thoughts on why you would give Yelp this kind of access/info to your customers?
  18. DrewAment

    Websites and Internet Speeds - US Consumers

    Are our dealerships websites being built with the average consumer in mind? 15Mbps is average for the US. Some regions are even lower, mobile average for the US was recently put at just over 5Mbps. Sure a website looks good on our metro high-speed internet connection. Heck, I have 1GIG at my...
  19. DrewAment

    Exit Widget - Gift Card Offer

    I have a dealership that is looking for an "exit widget" that functions similar to HookLogic (which is more an intro/interruption widget). Since HL overlays at the beginning of a shoppers inventory views - it sort of defeats the purpose. I need something that "Hooks" them as/if they leave the...
  20. DrewAment

    Vendor email and spam

    I just checked one of my dealership email accounts spam folder... and OMG. Nothing but vendors and advertisements from vendors. (attached) Some of these are from vendors that are email marketeers! Keep in mind that this is a dealership email address that I have been pretty liberal on not...
  21. DrewAment

    Google Third Party Policy Update

    Just received this email (image below) from Google - pretty interesting! A few points: 1. Management fees -- wow, required that they must be disclosed? I love this! Esp for the "big" OEM mandate companies that charge a %% of spend! 2. AdWords or AdWords Express customer IDs -- Must give them...