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  1. Alex Snyder

    Dealership Network - Existing Model Going Away?

    I've been waiting for someone else to jump in here before posting. But I'm glad you struck this conversation up, Drew. Ford tried to do this a long time ago. They underestimated how hard retail is. If every manufacturer went in on this together, I think they could pull it off. They'd have...
  2. Alex Snyder

    QR Codes for Inventory

    How about in an email? Something you both can look forward to soon ;-)
  3. Alex Snyder

    FRIKINtech The Used Car Factory is real!

    And we have an ending to the last post. TLDR: The truck our engaged customer was interested in was the one he bought, the gross ain't too shabby ($11,287) and the customer is happy. :banana2: Proof from VinSolutions:
  4. Alex Snyder

    New from Widewail - Invite Video (+ 5 Favorite Features)

    Sold! I just dropped a lead on your Chief sales dude.
  5. Alex Snyder

    FRIKINtech The Used Car Factory is real!

    Finally! We have been able to launch new stores SERVICEiQ since the Authenticom attack. When a new store comes on board we do a Service RO pull utilizing Authenticom. I have also been waiting to see what a small store can accomplish on this product. So far, we have been watching mind-blowing...
  6. Alex Snyder

    Glut of Cars Incoming!

    53% our clients saw an increase in new car inventory hitting the lot in November vs. only 43% in October.
  7. Alex Snyder

    Anything out there that compares to DealerScience?

    I'm entirely biassed because it is my company, but you could look at FRIKINtech. SALESiQ & WEBSITEiQ utilize the same Market Scan API I believe Dealer Science once did. and we have a FRIKINtech forum on DealerRefresh.
  8. Alex Snyder

    Thinking of moving everything to DealerSocket. Talk me out of it - Or confirm my thinking.

    What DMS is DealerSocket attached to? What DMS is in the DealerSocket family?
  9. Alex Snyder

    Glut of Cars Incoming!

    It looks like my prediction was off by a few months. Starting to hear about this happening now. Dealers are telling us they're receiving many of the same model vehicles. Many more than they need.
  10. Alex Snyder

    Conspiracies that came true in 2021 - predictions on 2022?

    What conspiracies are now true? Russia, Russia, Russia Two weeks to flatten the curve Eat less bats Congress doesn't do any insider trading That isn't Hunter's laptop The diary doesn't belong to Ashley Epstein hung himself What will become truth in 2022?
  11. Alex Snyder

    Authenticom / DealerVault was attacked

    On October 31st, Authenticom flags went up. They discovered an intruder trying to get customer data. According to Authenticom the intruder was unsuccessful, and as he realized he wasn't going to get anything he went into sabotage mode. While data was safe and secure, the attackers were able...
  12. Alex Snyder

    Elead CRM - Down all day long

    It looks like a malicious actor got loose within the Authenticom system. Fortunately, they caught him quick. Unfortunately, they caught him quick. Once he realized they were on his tail he went on a rampage damaging as much as he could as fast as he could. It took everything offline. They...
  13. Alex Snyder

    Elead CRM - Down all day long

    I don't know about eLead, but a number of data suppliers to dealership vendors (like my company) are having stability issues. The one connecting thing is that they're all using Microsoft Azure.
  14. Alex Snyder

    Change my mind: Dealer Website Finance Calculators should die

    The used car dealers who have figured out how to stock and which banks work for leasing are killing it! They don't have to worry about what they're paying at auction as much. I'm surprised Vroom and Carvana haven't figured this out yet. Many franchised dealers focus on their captive lenders...
  15. Alex Snyder

    Change my mind: Dealer Website Finance Calculators should die

    Nobody changed my mind. Does this mean I win? :dance2:
  16. Alex Snyder

    Stranger Trades?

    Virginia Beach. Checkered Flag HIVW… Hyundai, Isuzu, Volkswagen. Used car purchase.
  17. Alex Snyder

    Stranger Trades?

    I watched a family move the sacred rocks from their trade to the new car, and then perform a dance around the new car. It was a while ago, but I think the names of their kids were Flower, Mountain, and Dove.
  18. Alex Snyder

    Promoted Article Digital Dealer Vegas 2021 REVIEW with Kevin Frye | #digitaldealer

    As always Kevin, great write-up on the event! Looking forward to talking about it more on RefreshFriday this week.
  19. Alex Snyder

    Change my mind: Dealer Website Finance Calculators should die

    Do you know what your dealership website is saying to customers? If you have a finance calculator you are telling customers the wrong thing! You are creating another channel of friction for your customer. TLDR: turn off the finance calculator on your website. Most finance calculators that come...