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  1. Rob


    Does anyone have any experience with the DriveCentric CRM? Experience / anecdotes / third hand knowledge / I'll take anything. My recent demo was interesting. I know 90% of a product's warts don't show in a demo, so I keep my enthusiasm as low as possible. I also...
  2. Rob

    From BDC to Cradle-to-Grave, in 2017

    Has anyone successfully moved fully from a BDC to cradle-to-grave? It feels like it might be almost time to make the move, but I know that it's also heavily dependent on having the right team in place.
  3. Rob

    Fox Dealer

    Has anyone heard of / had experience with Fox Dealer Interactive? I am deep into a search for a new website vendor, and most disillusioned at this point. There are a ton of mediocre offerings out there. It's surprising, really. I am awaiting a demo with Fox Dealer, but it seems possibly...
  4. Rob

    Website Vendors

    Let's say you were near the end of your relationship with your current website vendor, or to keep things simpler, were starting a website for a brand new store... (In fact, let's assume that it's #2.) Is there a particular vendor(s) you would consider first, or a particular vendor(s) you would...
  5. Rob

    Responsive Emails and VinSolutions

    The VinSolutions support team is supposedly looking into this, but maybe there's a better way. I've designed (decent) responsive email templates with the intention of using them in VinSolutions. They look great when viewing the HTML preview. They look great when sending from anything but...
  6. Rob

    Truecar rate increase

    Did anyone else get a rate increase notice from Truecar? They want to increase our rate by 83%. You might be wondering - what awesome new features come along with the nearly doubling of the rate? Well, none. They just want to charge us nearly twice as much. Unrelated... is anyone else...
  7. Rob

    TAKE POLL Round Robin or Lead Bucket

    Alright folks, it's 2014, and I haven't seen this question asked in a while. Are you guys / gals using a lead bucket or a round robin system? We have gone back and forth through the years, and are current using a lead bucket. It has warts, of course, and I am contemplating a switch back to...
  8. Rob

    Does a good CRM exist?

    Does anyone make a good CRM? A CRM that customers would say is good, without qualifying that? What I'm tired of: My current CRM breaking constantly in different, creative, and sometimes spectacular ways. What I'm looking for: Something *competitive* on features. I don't want a 1980's era...
  9. Rob

    Autotrader vs Value comparison

    My dealership lists our inventory on both and Autotrader. Autotrader costs more, of course, which would be fine... if it delivered more value. The problem is that it doesn't. Throughout the entire year of 2011, an Autotrader SRP cost me over twice as much as a SRP. Worse...