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    Current CRMs are missing an important piece of our business

    The two aren't mutually exclusive. Sorry if my verbiage seemed overly antagonistic. We were having a discussion, but we were on opposing sides of the discussion, hence my usage of the word 'argue'. Just trying to help others out with solutions that can be used today (as this issue seems to be...
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    Current CRMs are missing an important piece of our business

    Well, you could still easily create a separate status for 'In process of selling us their car' and 'Sold us their car', which would allow you to change the status to to match the current state of the customer. As far as 'hacks' in the automotive industry goes, this seems super minor and takes...
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    Current CRMs are missing an important piece of our business

    Hmmm, maybe I'm not quite getting my point across. Just to make sure, I just set it up in Vinsolutions to verify. Step 1: Create a custom lead SOURCE called 'Buy Customer Vehicle' (or whatever). Step 2: Create a custom lead STATUS called 'Buy Customer Vehicle' Step 3: Create a custom process...
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    VinSolutions 'AMP' product

    Lol. Yeah, I noticed that. Additionally, I noticed that the '' subdomain that the case studies file is being served from is running a Wordpress site where the default header "Admin - Just another WordPress site". Truly confidence inspiring!
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    VinSolutions 'AMP' product

    VinSolutions 'AMP' product - Does anyone have experience with this product? They've been pushing it obnoxiously hard lately, and it doesn't seem worth the high price tag to me. Would love to get some feedback from other dealers who have used it and their thoughts. Thanks!
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    Current CRMs are missing an important piece of our business

    I also use VinSolutions (not particularly a fan), but I can't really see how/why you couldn't use custom status/processes to achieve what you're looking for? We use them to segment a ton of different 'types' of contacts in VinSolutions. I'm sure I'm missing something, but I would gladly open a...
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    IF you are FED up with ReyRey and CDK!!!

    Everyone at my store hates CDK. I'm a software developer, and the amount of bullshit I have to go through to automate the extraction of data to other databases for custom software is insane. We moved from R&R about 1 1/2 years ago. Both are very clunky, inefficient, and costly. Hopefully we'll...
  8. A and inline CSS

    There seems to be one issue with using GTM that I keep running into, which has been somewhat of a theme in this thread. We are,apparently, a Chrysler "Tier 3" dealer, which means we are severely limited with what we are able to do. This includes scripting, which I believe is how GTM is...
  9. A and inline CSS

    Hmmm, interesting. I might try to tinker around with that today too. Thanks for the tip!
  10. A and inline CSS

    The best solution I've come across is using frameless iframes(which I hate with a passion...) to pull specifically designed pages from my own private server. While this allows freedom to design things the way I want, it's still a very hacked together solution, and not easy to make responsive.
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    Hello Dealer Refresh! Long time lurker here (lurked before I even had a job as an internet manager,) and I really do appreciate the community and the feedback everyone seems to give. I've recently become the internet manager/director/techie at my dealership (fairly large dealership, 200...
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