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  1. Todd Caputo

    Great opportunity

    Great opportunity here !
  2. Todd Caputo

    Best independent used car dealers in the USA...who are they?

    Looking for non publics....Just would love everyone's opinion of the best of the best ..Thank You !
  3. Todd Caputo

    Best independent used car dealers in the USA...who are they?

    I am curious if anyone here on DealerRefresh can name names of any independent dealer they think has their game on....Thanks!
  4. Todd Caputo

    Monroney Labels on website

    We use it. Worth every $
  5. Todd Caputo

    People's Choice Awards for Best Vehicle Photos?

    My Friend Evan Berney does a very good job
  6. Todd Caputo

    People's Choice Awards for Best Vehicle Photos? decision we have ever made...All in with Roadster
  7. Todd Caputo

    People's Choice Awards for Best Vehicle Photos?

    I am going to throw my hat in the ring:
  8. Todd Caputo

    Setting up a Photo Booth

    check my do it on all our trucks...look at any truck VDP...very helpful to shoppers and our BDC/Sales Consultants
  9. Todd Caputo

    Setting up a Photo Booth

    This is the company I was talking about the other day...this is a possible solution for those who do not have the space needed to do create a booth.
  10. Todd Caputo

    Dealer websites with excellent User Experience

    Everyone please pick apart mine and
  11. Todd Caputo

    Setting up a Photo Booth

    We built all of our photo booths and we do not pay vendors any outside fees. I think our pics are very respectable. Not 360 pics but very very good...I would love your opinions..Joe Pistell do you have any pics from our 1st and 2nd gen booths we made back in the day?? Here is a sample of pics...
  12. Todd Caputo

    CarGuru's 100% Rate Increase!! 2nd time in 2 years

    Only a few brave dealers realizing that they can stay on the free product as 100% of their volume is purchased, competing with the dealers own search budget adding cost not value. They are the True Car of used cars. They create cost not value. Bid against dealers for volume. Increase bidding...
  13. Todd Caputo

    Dealer Inspire Online Shopper Success?

    We were an early adopter to the tool. I have to say its the number one lead generator on These are different types of leads though and have to be treated that way and its more of a soft sell when and how you respond to whatever stage the consumer gets to. There are many more...
  14. Todd Caputo

    Looking for a Automotive Digital Marketing Manager

    If you are interested feel free to reach out me. Thank You ! Responsibilities for Automotive Digital Marketing Manager: You will work closely with our CEO, COOO, General Managers, General Sales and Executive Team to establish marketing goals and ensure profitability of products and/or...
  15. Todd Caputo

    Is Cargurus taking my money and then competing with me?

    I could use your help understang this...Is CG is taking our inventory, bidding it up on search, only to force dealers to buy their ‘cheaper’ subscription and then jack rates?? Am I seeing this correctly ?
  16. Todd Caputo

    Reynolds CRM?

    Thank You for the heads up...We will! Would love to have our BDC Manager connect with you if possible to chat with your more about this...would that be possible?? We are just starting with our install and any insight would be helpful.
  17. Todd Caputo

    Reynolds CRM?

    I think everyone on this post is smart enough and can figure that out for themselves...if you dont think its important that I share how the experience goes with the transition to E-Leads then I will just shut up