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  1. Todd Caputo

    Great opportunity

    Great opportunity here !
  2. Todd Caputo

    Best independent used car dealers in the USA...who are they?

    I am curious if anyone here on DealerRefresh can name names of any independent dealer they think has their game on....Thanks!
  3. Todd Caputo

    Looking for a Automotive Digital Marketing Manager

    If you are interested feel free to reach out me. Thank You ! Responsibilities for Automotive Digital Marketing Manager: You will work closely with our CEO, COOO, General Managers, General Sales and Executive Team to establish marketing goals and ensure profitability of products and/or...
  4. Todd Caputo

    Is Cargurus taking my money and then competing with me?

    I could use your help understang this...Is CG is taking our inventory, bidding it up on search, only to force dealers to buy their ‘cheaper’ subscription and then jack rates?? Am I seeing this correctly ?
  5. Todd Caputo

    Customer data from dealer websites and 3rd party vendors being sold??

    Would love everyone’s opinion on this one..I spent the last 4 days at NADA and was told by several vendors something very disturbing that I was not aware of. I am told that Dealer Website companies, 3rd party lead sources like Auto Trader,, Car Gurus, True Car are selling their visitor...
  6. Todd Caputo

    Ready Set Car - Consumer access to wholesale?

    anyone out there seen this?? I am not too happy about doing business with Manheim anymore after seeing this... How Does Ready Set Car Work? Ready Set Car provides you access to view wholesale auction inventory- which means you see it here before a dealer buys it at the...
  7. Todd Caputo

    A challenge for new car dealers

    I challenge you to Google 2014 (any make and model) rebates near (your dealership city). Look at all the different results and see what you get on each site you visit. Does your website have the correct incentive information?? Do you care? Do you think your customers care? I recently did this...
  8. Todd Caputo

    Anyone out there who likes their Cobalt site?

    I am a Chevy dealer and I do not have a Cobalt website. I have 2 independent used car stores and a Chevy store that sells a lot of used cars and 40-50 new Chevy's a month. I am not in GM's IMR program so I do not receive leads from the factory. The Chevy folks are telling me I am missing all...
  9. Todd Caputo

    Google Glass

    Has anyone here used Google Glass yet? If so how have you used it in the car business? Any apps specific to our business? I ordered a pair last night and I am curious if anyone here has used them. Thanks!
  10. Todd Caputo

    Can anyone help me with this question?

    Looking for a company that will move the data from our DMS to our third-party vendors. Here are a couple of criteria is that have to be met. 1) has to be Reynolds certified or be able to bypass their newly updated security 2) has to be completely automated without human intervention 3) has to...
  11. Todd Caputo

    We just built a new photo booth here are some pics

    We just built a new booth at our Chevy store. Here is a link to some pics..let me know your opinions please! Used 2012 Nissan Maxima For Sale Near Syracuse | Used Car King Serves Cicero, Cortland, & Chittenango, NY
  12. Todd Caputo

    Should I cancel I heard Carmax has.

    They are asking for a rate increase. The reason they say is because I pay way less than anyone else. My site and my marketing directs 60000 visits a month or more. I stock 1000 used cars at all times. I'm wondering if anyone out there in Refresh Land has cancelled Cars and Auto Trader and...
  13. Todd Caputo

    Anyone out there have what it takes to replace Joe Pistell ???

    I am looking for someone to fill Joe Pistell's shoes as my marketing director. Anyone interested please email me at [email protected] You must be able to to deal with me sending you emails 24 hours a day. You must be able to deal with me wanting something done yesterday. Change and...
  14. Todd Caputo

    Question for all regarding DMS

    5 years ago I hired a consulting company call the Gillerie Institute from Tampa, Fl to assist me in negotiating with Reynolds for my DMS and benchmarking the deal I had vs. other deals made by dealers comparable to me. Now my contract is up with Reynolds and I am going to sign up with them again...
  15. Todd Caputo

    I am new to dealer refresh hello

    Just joined and looking forward to giving you all perspective from a dealers point of good friend and co-worker Joe Pistell led me here. My motto is this when it comes to ideas..."Does it SELL CARS???" Looking forward to sharing ideas and having some great dialogue.