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  1. Alexander Lau

    Has COVID19 affected your Dealership?

    US Automakers have stopped making vehicles Non-essential declarations (shut down sales and service is coming next) Even if they were open, ain't no way people are showing up to look at cars during this Shit tons of people have lost their jobs and $1,200 handout ain't doing that much for them...
  2. Alexander Lau

    PR & News Stay at Home Order by State for Auto Dealers

    LOL, when the fuck was that map updated, it's far worse than that now!?
  3. Alexander Lau

    CarGurus suspends free dealer listing option

    Disheartening! Absolutely the truth and I suggested to my dealers to do the same. That's why they put the kibosh on it. Their SEO is so damn good, dealers were making more off of free than the paid listings and I don't think CG understood how to control it properly or measure it as such. HA HA...
  4. Qvale Auto Group Study - Watch Video
  5. Alexander Lau

    Impact of COVID19 on your Personal Life - GOV Stimulus

    Yeah, that had to have been coming if you look at NY, NJ and PA with lock-ins. Sucks!
  6. Alexander Lau

    Impact of COVID19 on your Personal Life - GOV Stimulus

    They broke the economy for this??? 200,000??? WTF??? These numbers do NOT add up. US Population = 329,453,250 80% infection rate = 263,562,600 1% mortality = 2,635,626 US Population = 329,453,250 80%...
  7. Alexander Lau

    Listing of all the Dealership Website Hosting Companies
  8. Alexander Lau

    Deals4Dealers Free 14-Day Risk Free Video Messaging from Covideo

    No offense, but they might want to re-brand. Unfortunate, as their tool is awesome, I've used it. I bet they're getting shit tons of organic hits. I'd love to see the increase chart. :yikes:
  9. Alexander Lau

    Automotive-websites holding dealers' Google Analytics history hostage?
  10. Alexander Lau

    iPhones will send calls to voicemail in iOS13

    I'm not advocating for audio over text per se, but it could be an option for those that prefer leaving a quick message. I believe most of these VM-from-Website mechanisms have some type of contact info form (illustrated below), but you gotta' figure most would leave their name and number in...
  11. Alexander Lau

    Dealer COVID19 Communications - Are Dealers Essential Businesses in your state? Virtually all of Group 1's U.S. dealerships are located in markets operating in some type of "shelter in place" or restricted travel environments in accordance with applicable state and local orders. Dealership...
  12. Alexander Lau

    What content is working for your organic traffic/SEO?

    If anyone is interested, I've had some success using this for relevant, authoritative backlinks. I gave it a volley / test and have seen substantial traffic and backlink juice (picked up easily and credited by GSC, etc.).
  13. Get DealerSocket
  14. Alexander Lau

    Seeking Inspiration

    If it makes you feel any better, my wife is six months pregnant (can greatly affect them) and I live in Western PA. I am scared sh*tless that the NY and NJ problems are headed west. I've also three kids to support through child support (not cheap) and four step kids and another biological with...
  15. Alexander Lau

    Impact of COVID19 on your Personal Life - GOV Stimulus

    Uh oh... I spoke too soon. There's a caveat and I would presume, for the 2018 tax year, that most of us wouldn't qualify highly for the entire amounts aforementioned. People filing...
  16. Alexander Lau

    GMB: COVID 19 Update - Digital 1 Group

    If you read the forum, you'll see this stuff is repeated and already listed. Plus, it's spam listing your own group's wares or I thought it was (especially with the hyperlink added). Same with DI...
  17. Alexander Lau

    Coronavirus Dealer Relief - TrueCar just cut our rates by half for April. Who's next?

    Hmmmm...!? 1st Gear: Car Payment Crisis Relief A new $2.5 trillion stimulus proposal from U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the third version of a bill originally introduced by Republican...