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  1. aksales

    Naked Lime?

    Hola I was wondering if anyone has any experience with using Reynolds & Reynolds Naked Lime solution ( We are a General Motors dealer and currently have our sites through Cobalt but hey we are always looking for something bigger, faster, better, cheaper. Any input would be...
  2. aksales

    anything better then RPG

    Howdy all, I was just wondering if anyone knows of a better solution to writing reports on the ADP DRIVE system other then using RPG. Coming off our old system (EDS - ARG) which was a dinosaur but it had great report creating software. RPG is a crippled little program which is driving me...
  3. aksales

    DMS Vendors - Good, Bad, & Ugly?

    Howdy all, first time posting here so first off I would like to thank everyone that contributes. I just recently found the forum and it has already helped a few times. Ok Back on topic we are a GM Dealership that is going through the fun process of selecting a new DMS. We are currently on the...