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  1. JoeyNeal

    Your "Digital Marketing Expert's" Last Job Was at McDonalds

    Yes there are many "Fakes" out there trying to get on the "Band Wagon" and the bad thing about it all is that is gives Us the Honest Guys a bad rep that we have to overcome when we call on Dealers that have been burned in this manner. Best practice is to always do your homework and check...
  2. JoeyNeal

    BDC Averages.

    Your Front line will determine your Value in that 3 second window of opportunity to Impress. No doubt technology is driving the future of sales but not from a perspective of knowledge, that is what eCommerce retail is all about. Car buyers are not looking purchase their car online they are...
  3. JoeyNeal

    They finally broke me...

    My advise is that you stand up for what you feel is right, but speak numbers - if you are truly the reason for increased revenue and profit you need to pitch it that way and not a "feel sorry for me" theme. You have to get them to see your value and what the risk factor is if your were to...
  4. JoeyNeal

    They finally broke me...

    Now that was a funny video:rofl:
  5. JoeyNeal

    Six 2014 Predictions That Will Impact Automotive Retail

    I think they already have it has just gone unnoticed. Now that there is a woman at the helm for GM this should break that silent barrier.
  6. Qvale Auto Group Study - Watch Video
  7. JoeyNeal

    Reputation Management Companies: Best and Worst

    JD - You just have to make sure you are on top of it. Even if you feel it is all good and don't need rep management anymore. No one is perfect so there will always be issues you have to address because consumers always want to spread the word on a bad influence but not as much on a good one...
  8. JoeyNeal

    Six 2014 Predictions That Will Impact Automotive Retail

    1 and 2 will no doubt have the most significant impact. With Google's ever changing algorithms and strategies to insure they deliver the best user experience business's especially the Auto Industry need to stay ahead of the curve. In technology if you are even slightly behind the curve you are...
Qvale Auto Group Study - Watch Video