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  1. derrickwoolfson

    Have BDC's Outgrown the Dealership?

    One of the key takeaways from last year's DSES was the idea that there is already an "old school Internet Manager," which is a sobering statement. So can the same be said for the BDC's on the dealer level? Has the BDC evolved or out-grown the dealership's needs? Is there still a future for the...
  2. derrickwoolfson

    HomeNet Contact?

    I was able to get in contact with their sales team for this territory. Luckily they will work for us. I have always been fond of their platform. Thanks guys!
  3. derrickwoolfson

    HomeNet Contact?

    Does anyone have a rep at Homenet I can call? I want to know if they integrate with my DMS (trucking) - it is evident that many inventory management systems cannot be customized for commercial truck sales.
  4. derrickwoolfson

    The BDC Center Is Not An Operator!?

    To my surprise, the setup I am currently dealing with is that *all* auto group calls (4 locations) go through the BDC, which as you can imagine is several calls a day that are completely unrelated to sales. That said, much of their day is spent looking for the right person to transfer the...
  5. derrickwoolfson

    AutoLoop XRM Auto Email Help

    Does anyone use XRM Car Research? If so, do you know how to add auto email follow-ups? The only options I see within their platform requires the user to still "manually" complete the "auto email," which completely defeats the purpose of adding "auto emails" For example: Day 2 "GM Email" >...
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  7. derrickwoolfson

    I want to hold gross, BUT let's GUT the Pricing?

    Correct, this is new only. And yes, Nissan is really having a tough time right now! Pricing rebates less invoice is not doing much. And it does not make sense, either, to price them at a $3k loss when you're only getting up to $600 back for hitting the OEM objective.
  8. derrickwoolfson

    First Full Day With Vin Solutions

    I think they have to many cash cow's to truly care about development. I mean, their platform ( is very outdated, and LAGS! Their mobile pages (despite having ripped out content) runs at 10-13 seconds download speed :sleep: :unclejoe:
  9. derrickwoolfson

    I want to hold gross, BUT let's GUT the Pricing?

    I understand each month's objectives change. But what I do not understand is the complaining of not holding gross when all of the units are gutted? Where they think "not everyone shops online price?" (scratches head) - despite their having inquired online... Do you gut all the pricing? I...
  10. derrickwoolfson

    Vendor Pricing

    I can see that. However, that is talking about TV ad spend, which absolutely has different pricing. What I was referring to was vendors with services such as chat, text, crm, marketing (recurring emails), DMS providers, Reporting Tools, etc. Where most of them do not show their pricing online...
  11. derrickwoolfson

    Service Scheduling

    Depending on the scale of the group, R.O's per day, advisors, tech count, etc. depends on whether or not having a service schedule team makes sense. That said, yes - I find having that position to be effective when in fact they can fully book the advisors schedule. Allowing the advisor to handle...
  12. derrickwoolfson

    Vendor Pricing

    I can see that. I mean that is what we do. But then again, we at least show something online. Unless it is fixed-ops in which case dealers still do not put menu pricing online.
  13. derrickwoolfson

    Vendor Pricing

    @Joe, a very good point there! I am surprised though as to how long it takes for a vendor to give you a callback! Especially for the vendors that are all about how to handle sales calls, ha!
  14. derrickwoolfson

    Vendor Pricing

    @alex, that is awesome! And agreed, I can certainly understand that. But at the same time, whats more frustrating is having to deal with several pitches just get a presentation. More often than not their demos are cliche and do not often answer or address questions. Then again, half the time...
  15. derrickwoolfson

    Vendor Pricing

    Why can't vendors add their pricing to the website? Why do you have to go through an entire pitch to get a price? Even if they just said "XYZ" service starting at just $XXX per month? Thoughts?
  16. derrickwoolfson

    Mystery Shop

    The awkward moment your previous GM mystery shops you, BUT uses the same email...has anyone else had this happen before? I think we should call 3 x a day for 2 weeks. And email 5-6 times a day. What would you do??
  17. Qvale Auto Group Study - Watch Video
  18. derrickwoolfson

    Call Revu Needs a "REVU"

    Thanks for the response. If that platform comes to fruition it will certainly make it easier. I also hope it is much easier to read - removing the harsh colors w/ small text. The other thing that would be *AMAZING* is if the alert is *closed* for it to remove itself from the main dashboard...
  19. derrickwoolfson

    Call Revu Needs a "REVU"

    That looks much nicer than the call revu platform! I also like it says at the top "general call" where our has harsh colors with very hard to read text.
  20. derrickwoolfson

    Free Spam, No Not the Ham

    This whole anonymous email BS from CarGurus (free leads) is for crap. How is this not hitting spam? And you get 5 attempts before the anonymous email is cut off? Free is not always good. And we know, first hand, that there is always a catch! Are they hurting for account retention? (it is...
  21. derrickwoolfson

    What traffic method is working for you right now?

    AdWords & PPC - third part has been for SHIT. That said, we are spending more w/ AdWords using the money we're saving from CarCrap &
  22. derrickwoolfson

    Carfax now competing with &

    Same for us. We sold 2-3 units a month off it. And the set rate was abysmal. Customers also said they never inquired - so I guess if they are able to get the customers email they are auto sending it?