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  1. malinda.terreri

    Deals4Dealers Free 60 Day Trial! Discover how newsletters can keep your customers coming back

    It costs five times more to acquire new customers than it does to keep current ones! Stay connected to your customers with an email newsletter that your clients will actually enjoy getting and reading. Our open rates average about 25% with a 30% click-through rate. Your newsletter will...
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    Authenticom CDK Lawsuit Update

    Some good news received yesterday... LA CROSSE, Wisc., July 14, 2017 - Today a federal court granted Authenticom, Inc.'s motion for a preliminary injunction against CDK Global ("CDK") and The Reynolds and Reynolds Company ("Reynolds"). The Court held that CDK and Reynolds must "cease blocking...
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    First CASL Violation Filed

    I'm curious how many US dealerships are aware of Canada's spam law that went into effect last year which does effect US businesses. The Canadian spam rules have very specific requirements about the opt-in process, with potential penalties in the ka-zillions. We have dealers all over the country...
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    Dealer sues customer over repair YouTube video

    How would you have handled this? Car dealer sues Fenton man over repair YouTube video : Business
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    Can I help you find your car... at 4AM?

    I receive a lot of sales follow-ups from dealerships, trying to convert prospects with a series of automated messages. Automated messages can work and build relationships, but nothing screams automated more than messages that arrive each morning at 4am. If you're using an automated campaign, do...
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    Who is looking over your shoulder?

    Mozilla's Lightbeam tool will expose who is looking over your shoulder on the web: "Lightbeam, a download produced by Mozilla, the US free software community behind the popular Firefox browser, claims to be a “watershed” moment in the battle for web transparency. Everyone who browses the...
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    Carjacker who can't drive stick gets ride from victim

    Thought I would share a little hometown news: Carjacker who can't drive stick gets ride from victim Perhaps St. Louis should be the site for the DR conference. We have some of the... nicest people here. You can rob us and still score a ride.
  9. malinda.terreri

    Facebook Contest Question

    Does anyone have any feedback on the effectiveness of adding an incentive to like a facebook page? I can see the short-term benefit, but I'm wondering what the long-term engagement rate is with people who have been acquired this way.
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    You Have an Evil Customer Sabotaging You

    There is one customer who seems to have purchased from almost every dealership in the country. He is a master of disguises – sometimes he’s the nicest, little old lady and the next day he could be a first time car buyer. It is amazing how much this guy gets around but even more amazing is the...
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    The Hidden Art of Keeping Your Customers Coming Back for More... Now with a 60 Day Free Trial.

    Your salespeople probably close 60-70% of repeat customers versus 5-20% of new prospects. So what are you doing to build long-term customer loyalty? Introducing an automotive eNewsletter that's: So advanced, it can be delivered to your customers' inboxes at the exact time they typically check...
  12. Increase Test Drive Appointments!