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  1. malinda.terreri

    Email losers

    @Rick Buffkin - something to think about, if you text customers a link to see a web version of an email this can actually make your deliverability worse. The next time the customer is in their email account and see the actual email they will probably delete it, unread - because they've already...
  2. malinda.terreri

    Deals4Dealers Free 60 Day Trial! Discover how newsletters can keep your customers coming back

    It costs five times more to acquire new customers than it does to keep current ones! Stay connected to your customers with an email newsletter that your clients will actually enjoy getting and reading. Our open rates average about 25% with a 30% click-through rate. Your newsletter will...
  3. malinda.terreri

    Email Blast Bastards

    @Alex Snyder , it's not the quantity, it's the quality. No matter what industry you are in, customers are triaging their inboxes, and if you are not sending relevant, helpful and interesting information, they will flag your message as spam AND unsubscribe. Even with interesting info...
  4. malinda.terreri

    Email Deliverability - Are Your Emails Making it to the Inbox?

    Welcome back Alex! Great bump on a great topic. Matt and Brandon, you have some helpful advice. Here are a few quick updates for 2018. 1. You can run, but you can't really hide. If you try sending all of your emails from a fresh service/IP/etc., thinking that you can leave your old sending...
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  6. malinda.terreri

    Is corrupting your data?

    I noticed the same issue for one of my clients. After looking at the traffic month by month, this seems to have started in August when went through their latest site updates. Thanks for identifying the issue. I thought it was an analytics bug since's traffic reporting...
  7. malinda.terreri

    Authenticom CDK Lawsuit Update

    Some good news received yesterday... LA CROSSE, Wisc., July 14, 2017 - Today a federal court granted Authenticom, Inc.'s motion for a preliminary injunction against CDK Global ("CDK") and The Reynolds and Reynolds Company ("Reynolds"). The Court held that CDK and Reynolds must "cease blocking...
  8. malinda.terreri

    CRM with blocked email...

    I'm a little late with this post but it might help someone next time. @BillH - here are a couple random thoughts that I don't think have been mentioned yet. One easy was to document whether your CRM (or the CRM you are considering) is having deliverability issues is to look at their...
  9. malinda.terreri

    How My Bad Email Advice Almost Ruined a Friendship

    @yescats This is a 5-year-old video directly from Google about their Inbox Priority which used your opens to determine email priority: And this is 2 years old, but talks about how Google tracks your activity across all platforms...
  10. malinda.terreri

    How My Bad Email Advice Almost Ruined a Friendship

    @Brad Burlingham - cleaning up your database is no easy task, There was a recent thread on inactive prospect lists that might help you determine what to do with your inactive lists: Before...
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  12. malinda.terreri

    How My Bad Email Advice Almost Ruined a Friendship

    Chris - that is great reference information. One thing I would add is if you are trying to determine the sending reputation of your IP address, there is a free tool from Returnpath. You need to create an account, then you enter the ip address from your CRM email (or whatever ip you are using to...
  13. malinda.terreri

    How My Bad Email Advice Almost Ruined a Friendship

    Everything can be tracked. The email providers (Gmail, Yahoo) are not only tracking opens and clicks, but filtering for content as well. How else would they know what to do with the billions of spam messages that are filtered daily? Additionally, email marketing companies also do behavior-based...
  14. malinda.terreri

    Support #CalebvsCancer!

    Thank you for the update and so sorry to hear the St. Louis Children's hospital trial didn't work out.
  15. malinda.terreri

    Long Term Follow-up - Does it really matter?

    Thanks @eddyshaf and @MannyLuna for the kind words about EZPZ Results.
  16. malinda.terreri

    Long Term Follow-up - Does it really matter?

    @eddyshaf Here's a little insight from a long-term customer follow-up perspective that might help you. Letting go of an email lead is hard to do, but it might be your best long-term strategy. Many people may have 2-3 email accounts and the email they gave you may be the email they use for...
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  18. malinda.terreri

    First CASL Violation Filed

    I'm curious how many US dealerships are aware of Canada's spam law that went into effect last year which does effect US businesses. The Canadian spam rules have very specific requirements about the opt-in process, with potential penalties in the ka-zillions. We have dealers all over the country...
  19. malinda.terreri

    Are you tracking email success in analytics?

    @Jeff Kershner - one thought about open rates is that in addition to being a good metric to measure the effectiveness of your subject line, time of send, etc., you can also use is to assess your inbox placement with the different email providers. Example: if your open rate with Gmail, Hotmail...
  20. malinda.terreri

    TAKE POLL Texting with customers often?

    In talking with a client today that was trying to have a texting app added to their website, they were told by Chrysler that texting applications are not approved per Chrysler guidelines because they do not have the ability to track the lead.
  21. malinda.terreri

    Are you using Google's new Gmail Sponsored Promotions?

    Hi, I'm afraid I can't offer any insight either. We don't offer banner advertising as a service and I've never clicked on one.
  22. malinda.terreri

    Dealer sues customer over repair YouTube video

    How would you have handled this? Car dealer sues Fenton man over repair YouTube video : Business
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