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  1. JamieS

    Looking like Carvana pulled CarGurus

    Anyone else noticing the lack of Carvana listings on CarGurus? I was specifically looking for them and typically you can pretty much search anything and their inventory would show. Not so today...I searched for several different makes and models and nothing doing. Maybe they did the 100% rate...
  2. JamieS

    Auto Lending: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

    I love John Oliver's show, so I found it especially interesting when I watched him discussing Subprime lending on his show last night. Here is the piece in case you missed it: The whole thing reminds me of the first time a BHPH dealer explained to me his business model back in my Trader...
  3. JamieS

    Blog Post: "Say Goodbye To The Lazy Days of Email"

    Full article here: Say Goodbye to the Days of Lazy Email - SpotRight For the lazy ;) Shout out to Glen Garvin for putting this up on Twitter..
  4. JamieS

    Car Dealer Industry Averages?

    Often times I read articles or posts where some sort of industry average is mentioned. Sometimes it's a closing %, cost per lead, cost per sale, etc. My question is is there any single place where this information is published or is it just reading the right article at the right time? I am...
  5. JamieS

    7 Reasons to Stop Emailing Your Pricing

    Saw this on Glen Garvin's twitter feed today; what's everyone's thoughts on this? I would think consumers would choose to follow up with dealers that gave them the info, not the other way around. 7 Reasons to Stop Emailing Your Pricing
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