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  1. JamieS

    Digital Retailing for Dealers - What are your results?

    Hah, you're in love with that meme @Rick Buffkin :lol:
  2. JamieS

    Website ADA Compliance - Lawsuits Coming (is your site built for the blind)

    This is exactly what use to make me LMAO when I was just starting to drive around in my teens, had to visit the ATM, and noticed the braille on the keypad. :D
  3. JamieS

    Website ADA Compliance - Lawsuits Coming (is your site built for the blind)

    2021 sounds dreamy. We're seeing 30-day notices to comply....or pay this fee and we'll go away.
  4. JamieS

    Website ADA Compliance - Lawsuits Coming (is your site built for the blind)

    Oh, I got one that will make you fall out of your chair. A high-end prescription eyewear company in South Florida was sued by somebody that was visually impaired. No, I am not sh*tting you. The main things are (in no particular order); -An accessibility statement -Alt tags on images/banner...
  5. JamieS

    Blackhat CarGurus SEO Tactics PPT that produced

    Here's a live look into the offices at Cars; Apologies to the DR crew for the language but it's the first thing I thought of.
  6. JamieS

    BREAKING news! Carvana & Vroom is bleeding cash. Is Ecommerce in auto DOA?

    More power to them. I love everything about the brand and the product. I just can't wrap my monkey brain around a net loss of $82m and an ad cost per sale of $1,074. But hey, they're making progress. Last year Q1 ad cost per sale was $1,354. Also, they're stating 3.9m site unique visitors per...
  7. JamieS

    See You Later Autotrader!

    On second thought, I think I'm going to float the idea internally, that we change the name of our store to "" Then I'm gonna cancel CarGurus, ATC, Cars, etc, cuz, you know, f**k those guys...
  8. JamieS

    CarGurus - significant drop in traffic?

    It was clearly a smash and grab attempt that, well, judging from the complete lack of Cars' representative response, probably is not panning out the way they hoped it would. Any of the sources they were using to show this traffic are now most recently showing a rise in CG's organic traffic...
  9. JamieS

    BUSTED Spincar caught selling dealer data

    ZFG, just give us mooooaaaarrrr!
  10. JamieS

    CarGurus - significant drop in traffic?

    You must have missed the meme in the other thread regarding SEO :D Sure, I was just showing the data from the horse's mouth rather than second hand from Carfax rep. Speaking of paid though, check this out for Carfax. What's your money on @Alexander Lau ? An agency running...
  11. JamieS Have you looked at your dealers' SEO rankings since March 12th 2019?

    I would say that there is definitely a delicate dance being performed. But a route of passive education is being taken as opposed to outright direct claim-making or finger-pointing. It's a bold strategy Cotton, let's see if it pays off for them!
  12. JamieS Have you looked at your dealers' SEO rankings since March 12th 2019?

    Sooooooo... I mean, rightfully so, but this is entertaining! :popcorn:
  13. JamieS

    CarGurus - significant drop in traffic?

    From the source: @joe.pistell hit it on the head with the big paid push by CG. Looks perfectly timed during the most recent organic slap on the wrist
  14. JamieS

    Looking like Carvana pulled CarGurus

    Anyone else noticing the lack of Carvana listings on CarGurus? I was specifically looking for them and typically you can pretty much search anything and their inventory would show. Not so today...I searched for several different makes and models and nothing doing. Maybe they did the 100% rate...
  15. JamieS

    Any Dealerships Using Reviews & Ratings

    Anyone else that's a dealer in this picture feeling like Toys 'R Us dealing with Amazon? Fair appears to have a market share goal in mind and is using investor money and dealers' inventory to get there. Once the goal is achieved certainly the incentives will go away to some extent. IDK, feels...
  16. JamieS

    Looks like Honcker is hiring...

    Met Patrick at DD last year, very nice people in the booth and like what they've got going on. That is all :thumbup:
  17. JamieS

    What in the Heck is Going On With my sites in Google SRP's?????

    Well that was an interesting/scary/hilarious 20 minutes of reading! I need to get back in here more often lol.
  18. JamieS

    [Heads up] Scam Of The Week: CEO Fraud bad guys are now bribing your users

    Yep, I've experienced this a couple times. Usually, a random genius that believes my department doesn't know what we're doing and decides they want to edit something then makes a phone call or sends an email to support. Thank goodness I've built some great relationships with our vendors because...
  19. JamieS

    Who are we kidding? Auto awards from a SEO company?

    Wow I must have been under a rock and completely missed that one. They announced that at AAAS!? F**king SAVAGE!