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    Reynolds Scheduler being removed?

    We were just informed by a dealer that they were told by Reynolds that the Scheduler was being removed from ERA. Has anyone else heard of this?
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    Looking for some guides to extract data from a RR/UCS Power system for a dealer. The dealer will not allow us to remotely log in and help them due to some corporate policy. In the mean time, no one there has a clue what to do so they have asked their UCS rep to help them. He apparently has no...
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    Reynolds finally puts the stop on third parties and 6910 report screen scraping

    Just received this letter from one of our dealers. It looks like the days of screen scraping from the 6910 report generator are over for third parties. A 1000 lines of data per pull is going to make it hard for those pulling mail files. RCI eNews ERA® Report Generator Security and System...