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  1. Aussiewebmaster

    what are you major pain points for online marketing

    Am curious what dealers see as the major pain points they have doing online marketing - any kind and which ones have biggest problems - is it all about measurement? are tools hard or too expensive? maintaining accurate inventory? knowing ROI and CPA for some channels? dealing with bad reviews...
  2. Aussiewebmaster

    Another Big Change in Google Ranking Algorithm

    How many have noticed changes in their SERPs (search engine result pages) - Google rolled out Panda 4.0 according to Matt Cutts - their spam czar. Google Begins Rolling Out Panda 4.0 Now
  3. Aussiewebmaster

    How do you deal with Reviews - Good and Bad?

    Customers are paying a lot more attention to reviews and review sites are having a great presence in AND on search results - so what are you doing to address, redress and impress? What review tools if any are you using? Do you actively ask customers for reviews? How do you deal with bad...
  4. Aussiewebmaster

    Google testing hiding full URLs in Chrome Browser

    I came across this article about how Gogle is beta testing creating an almost 'not provided' for the referrer information - do a search and you get to the page you click but it will not pass even the domain it came from?????? WTF - really think they have not thought it through and are jst...
  5. Aussiewebmaster

    Optimize your local and social listings

    Have worked with some of the big players in the space as well as other industries - you can Google me. I am beta testing a couple of tools that optimize local listing that improve your presence in Google Local and other places. Will add you to my list and improve the consistency of your online...