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  1. Aussiewebmaster

    Salesperson with a budget, you keep all the leads... What do you do?

    SEO at times gets tough given the changes Google keeps making and the presence of review sites and OEMs competing even at the local level - but grab that Google Places listing and see if there are any local communities in Google Plus. Craigslist works, have even seen people come through eBay
  2. Aussiewebmaster

    what are you major pain points for online marketing

    Ed seems like no one is willing to share - am not looking to sell you anything - just curious to see where the bottlenecks occur - are there common problems or are they different depending on location and/or size
  3. Aussiewebmaster

    what are you major pain points for online marketing

    Am curious what dealers see as the major pain points they have doing online marketing - any kind and which ones have biggest problems - is it all about measurement? are tools hard or too expensive? maintaining accurate inventory? knowing ROI and CPA for some channels? dealing with bad reviews...
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    Increase/decrease in your organic traffic lately - Google "Pigeon" update may be the cause

    The Penguin update has definitely impacted local results though just car dealers show many of the aggregators like edmunds and even yellow pages - restaurants have been showing yelp listings - so guess while the maps are showing more the actual rankings need more tweaking
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    Vinsolutions/DealerOn/ or cobalt for website?

    The biggest thing is to avoid any Flash elements - it amazes me how many still use Flash and it does not show in iPad or iOS devices
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    How do you deal with Reviews - Good and Bad?

    DG I agree - look at sweetiq as a listing citation and review monitoring platform
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    Another Big Change in Google Ranking Algorithm

    How many have noticed changes in their SERPs (search engine result pages) - Google rolled out Panda 4.0 according to Matt Cutts - their spam czar. Google Begins Rolling Out Panda 4.0 Now
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    Help Needed: Hiring a Community Manager

    rocking selfies may not be best quality of intern - community involvement - twitter engagement - check the type of tweets - FB likes of their posts
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    Optimize your local and social listings

    Am amazed no one is interested in this - have worked with some major dealerships as well as some small and single sites - once have fully tested the tools the prices will be much higher get places to list that lift site and are relevant as per Google - get better placement in Maps, Carousel and...
  10. Increase Test Drive Appointments!
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    "Framed" Reviews

    You could do this with PPC if you host your own reviews and not just for searches of reviews - could do retargeted ads that have searched and visited your site already - think is good way to get them back and increase chance they pick you
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    How do you deal with Reviews - Good and Bad?

    Customers are paying a lot more attention to reviews and review sites are having a great presence in AND on search results - so what are you doing to address, redress and impress? What review tools if any are you using? Do you actively ask customers for reviews? How do you deal with bad...
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    If you were to make an Automotive Marketing Company...

    If you wanted to get your toe in the door develop some dealership specific custom reports for Google Analytics - really detailed numbers that can be emailed each week to show different specific numbers - I am a individual consultant and have some that are popular but keep for just my guys - it...
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    My entire dealer group just canceled More lead providers to come!

    The major problem with SEO work today is the numerous different layouts for the SERPs (search engine results pages) - localization and personalization play havoc and the insertion of video, product and news results as well as the new in depth articles spots all require different methods to rank...
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    Subtract G+ from your marketing mix?

    There are a number of Google products that can help your presence in the search results and now many start with a G+ page - but you need to make sure you have accurate address - at least 5 reviews - the higher the number of reviews and the ratings the better you will appear in the Maps listings...
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    Google testing hiding full URLs in Chrome Browser

    I came across this article about how Gogle is beta testing creating an almost 'not provided' for the referrer information - do a search and you get to the page you click but it will not pass even the domain it came from?????? WTF - really think they have not thought it through and are jst...
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    Subtract G+ from your marketing mix?

    Re: Don't Drop Google Plus Just Yet another good point - we know that your author tag and for that matter sharing used through G+ impacts the results put before your followers and can increase rank and traffic - until that feature is dropped it is a reason not to ignore G+
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    Subtract G+ from your marketing mix?

    Don't Drop Google Plus Just Yet despite the loss of the product leader Vic may be gone but this has too much influence on local right now to disappear you need a Google Plus for Business page to get solid Map listing and Carousel
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    Dealer Beware: If you don't know Local SEO, know your Local SEO'er

    there are lawsuits by Yelp and a NY did a scam to arrest 19 companies selling reviews Fake online reviews crackdown in New York sees 19 companies fined | World news |