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  1. mattwatson81

    Web Browser Requirements - Stuck with IE6/IE7 still?

    Now that Firefox 4, IE9 and Google Chrome 10 are out, I'm curious if dealers are still restricted to older browsers by OEM websites, DMS software or other things? Would love to hear from dealers if you are still stuck with IE7 or something based on Toyota's dealer daily website (for example) or...
  2. mattwatson81

    Tips from improving CRM usage

    Anyone have any great tips for how to improve CRM usage in a dealership? One is to prevent skating. If salesperson doesn't log the lead and someone else helps them, they have no recourse for being skated.
  3. mattwatson81

    DMS Technology Changes Last 5 Years

    Question for everyone: In the last 5 years that you have been using DMS software, what are the major functionality changes that you have seen in the DMS itself? Or has nothing major changed except for it now having a Windows or web GUI?
  4. mattwatson81

    Website dashboard

    If you could build a website dashboard that shows you everything you want to know about your website in one spot, what would it contain? Page views Site Visits Leads submitted Appointments Set Sold Bounce rate? Top pages hit? What type of stats would you want to see?
  5. mattwatson81

    Best iPad idea or use at the dealership

    What does everyone think the iPad will be great for at the dealership? Anyone got any crazy ideas for things the iPad would be awesome at? Here are some ideas of things the iPad could be good for 1. Salespeople use CRM software on iPad since it is very mobile and a lot of them don't have their...
  6. mattwatson81

    The buzz of NADA

    So what does everyone think was the big talk of the show? Seems like every dealer I was talking to was shopping for and switching DMS providers. I think DMS and CRM are always major things dealers are shopping for though. One of the new unique products I can think of was GOSO.
  7. mattwatson81

    Dynamic vehicle comments

    What does everyone think about these? We are getting ready to launch dynamic vehicle comments as a free new feature for all of our customers and I would love to hear what everyone thinks about them. What you like, don't like, and what could be better. I know vAuto and Firstlook offer some...
  8. mattwatson81

    10 Tips to Improve Internet Response Times in 2010

    To start 2010, how about 10 Tips to Improve Internet Response Times in 2010! 1. Text messages and email alerts - Immediately notify yourself when new leads are received 2. Manually sending an email or logging a phone call attempt counts as a response. (Auto-responder emails don’t count.)...
  9. mattwatson81

    What is a dealer's allowed marketplace?

    I have a question for everyone and I'm sure this answer may vary from different manufacturers. What area around your dealership are you allowed to heavily market to via TV, newspapers and even online? For example, if you are a Ford dealer in Los Angeles would Ford be mad if you were trying to...
  10. mattwatson81

    Basic CRM function is a big CRM problem for most?

    I have a question for everyone out there on how your current CRM works. Let's pretend you setup an internet follow up process with several emails and events that happen for 90 days from when a lead comes in. If you modify the email template attached to your day 7 email, does your CRM...
  11. mattwatson81

    Cash for Clunkers should be a case study for cloud computing

    Cash for clunkers program has been a nightmare for dealers to register and process vehicle sales transactions. This type of situation is a perfect example of where cloud computing makes a lot of sense and would be a perfect case study of what could have been done. This website will be very...
  12. mattwatson81

    Should mobile websites be free with your regular website?

    Question for everyone, do you think mobile websites should be included for free along with the regular website you already pay for?
  13. mattwatson81

    Software Contracts are bad for everyone

    Software contracts are bad for dealers and bad for vendors. 1. If the company sells your contract to a bank, what monthly revenue do they have to support you down the road? 2. What if you decide you don't like the software? 3. If you under contract what assurance do you have that their support...
  14. mattwatson81

    You can’t manage what you can’t measure

    If you want to get better at something, you first have to know how well you’re doing, right? How do you know how well you are doing? You have to be able to quantify it. Once you can quanity how you are doing, you can more effectively manage it. CRM software is a great tool to monitor and...
  15. mattwatson81

    Online Inventory Posting Tip

    When posting your vehicles for sale online you should take time to create great comments about your vehicles. Highlighting the features of the car, its condition and all that good stuff. Another thing to consider always putting in your vehicle comments is the name of your dealership, and...
  16. mattwatson81

    Mobile CRM and Inventory functions

    We are currently working on creating a mobile version of our CRM and inventory modules. We are curious as to what types of functionality you would like in a mobile CRM or inventory solution. Maybe some great features you have used in the past or maybe some great ideas you have always wanted but...
  17. mattwatson81

    What happens vendor contracts when the stores close?

    Vendors who require contracts commonly sell the contracts to banks to cash them in. What happens when the dealers close in these scenarios? Does the bank try to collect from the closing dealership, or do they go back to the vendor who sold them the contract? Would Reynolds or ADP sue the...
  18. mattwatson81

    Using "similar vehicles" to sell more cars

    "Similar vehicles" is one of the best functions of a good CRM system. Here are a couple example of how you can use this excellent functionality. Initial auto responders. Rarely do customers buy the car the inquired upon. So why not give them some more options right up front? More options to...
  19. mattwatson81

    How not to send bulk emails

    One really common mistake that dealers make (and all businesses for that matter) when sending emails is only sending images in their emails. Almost all email programs these days block images when you receive emails. So if your email only includes images, it will be received like this below. I...
  20. mattwatson81

    How not to handle Internet leads

    On this last Monday evening I submitted two REAL Internet leads to two local dealers here in the Kansas City area as I was doing some research for a car for my wife. Both of them immediately sent me an auto responder saying they received my lead. Otherwise the auto responder didn't contain any...
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