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  1. JoeC

    Inventory Management Help Please

    I have had the worst luck with inventory management providers. First with Vin Solutions who couldn't operate correctly with the UCS and Reynolds DMS System and now with Dealer Specialties. I finally was able to get the Ricoh camera we purchased from Vin Solutions (after they messed with the...
  2. JoeC

    Is anyone using If so, can you please provide feedback. I'm thinking about decreasing the AT budget and adding this service. I like the fact that "search" is their focus and not lumping 10,000 cars together like Autotrader with the highest paying dealers showing first. How is...
  3. JoeC

    Payplan for Internet Employee?

    Hello, and thank you in advance for your responses. In late February we created an Internet Department that would service two Ford stores. The stores each had their own pseudo Internet teams selling about 16 cars combined. With the help of a little consistency we have doubled the sales and sell...
  4. JoeC

    Dreamweaver and SPRY menu bars

    Does anyone have a good resource for modifying the SPRY menu bar in Dreamweaver CS5 ( I think version 3 & 4 is the same for this purpose)? It's simple to insert but extremely frustrating to customize? If you know of a good on-line resource it would be very helpful. Thank you in advance!