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  1. Craig

    Are you making it easier for your salespeople?

    So, I was shamelessly self promoting an article I wrote on the blog a few years back through twitter last night & Jeff seemed to think it was relevant enough still today to ask these questions here. Take a read and ask yourself, Are we making it easier or are we confusing our salespeople who...
  2. Craig

    The Universe Made Car Sales People

    Crushed this! Nice work.
  3. Craig

    Anyone out there have what it takes to replace Joe Pistell ???

    Big shoes to fill........Great opportunity for someone. Sun Auto crushes it & having an owner who is in the game, especially 1 that loves used cars is always a good place to start. Best of luck filling this position & to anyone thinking about reaching out to Todd, please be great not just good.
  4. Craig

    Congratulations to & Uncle Joe

    Wanted to say congrats to for adding Uncle Joe to the mix of great people in VT. I first met Joe here on refresh so I knew this was the place to officially wish them both the best of luck with this new partnership! Joe, once Alex teaches you how to snowboard I will have to make it a...
  5. Craig

    Coffee shop social media contest - vote for DR member Craig Belowski

    Thank you for the DealerRefresh love....This contest for me means lots of things, yes I want the title.....but I work with & coach people everyday that are very busy and adding extra things like social media to their plate is considered "too much work" or a "waste of time". Real deal is I could...
  6. Craig

    Pricing your used car - retail price vs internet price and amount of discount

    You need to be "in the game" before discounts of any size even get an opportunity to get asked for or given........visibility, time and activity are the keys to used car pricing and it differs on cars. A common car with lots of competition is going to be margin compressed no matter the age &...
  7. Craig

    School me on Twitter "Promotion?"

    Uncle Joe gets very testy when you fill his Twitter stream with klout, which is understandable although very fun.......I am having a hard time understanding this hatred for bacon and coffee however?:D
  8. Craig

    "He Gets It"

    As a guy that was/is considered a car guy who "gets it" from an internet or digital perspective and has worked in this business since before "getting it" meant you had a pager so a customer could reach you if they needed something, I figured I'd chime in. My opinion is that it takes lots more...
  9. Craig

    TrueCar using Zag Dealer Data to Create Value???

    Didn't see this video shared here..... Hope I'm not duplicating it. I don't know you the guy who did it is but it is an awesome video that speaks to TrueCar in a familiar tone!
  10. Craig

    Klout + Twitter

    I figured chiming in on a Klout thread was a nonsensical way to edge my way back into the forum in my vendor shoes...... Klout, giving klout, getting klout and yapping about klout on Twitter has definitely taken up way to much of my time and my followers timelines. That being said like Arnold's...
  11. Craig

    Google Places Removes Third Party Reviews from Search Results

    If I was still at Acton Toyota I would be working to gather more reviews on Google.......however the focus would remain on DealerRater for a few reasons.... put on your customer shoes and imagine getting the "Thanks for inquiring or coming in" email with the link at the bottom taking you to your...
  12. Craig

    What's in YOUR Garage?

    In the Garage is my 92 Fatboy done over by my friends at Chop Shop Cycles Ironhead Hell: One More Day Of The Green Softy The John Deere mower and my wife's 06 Hybrid Highlander Limited.....parked outside is my 07 TRD Off Road Tacoma crew cab, lifted on 33s with a few other goodies....I love my...
  13. Craig

    Movin on up like George Jefferson! Uncle Joe now officially a big player on the Refresh main...

    Movin on up like George Jefferson! Uncle Joe now officially a big player on the Refresh main page, congrats man.......Things are gonna start happening for you now! : ) For real, it's well deserved that you get you picture on the front page....I learn something every time you write something...
  14. Craig

    Silly Shit in the car business! Post your favorite!

    I worked at a store for a short stint that paid a balloon guy to come in.....crazy! Although balloons or gorillas may not bring it like they used to, what about this guy??? Just look at him go! Makes me want to buy cars just watching! :rofl:
  15. Craig


    "I pity the fool" that jumps into Social Media without having a dialed in store process! :lol:
  16. Get Podium
  17. Craig


    I gotta agree with Uncle Joe (I usually do) Work on the actual customer experience, then people will like you and write reviews. Build up the good reviews then let your people share those experiences with their networks who will hopefully "like" them and want to explore your Dealership and what...
  18. Craig

    Grant Cardone Uses Contest Burner

    Why is everybody bailing out now? This contest was just getting interesting....I heard for the contest extension in February Grant was going to have contestants shoot video of themselves painting his apartment buildings.:lol: All I know is the first time I heard aboot Contest Burner it was in a...
  19. Craig

    How our industry & consumers are changing [FAST]

    I love this's a powerful beginning to any sales meeting.
  20. Craig

    Grant Cardone Uses Contest Burner

    This video is great! Worth it helping to promote your link for this video alone!:lmao:
  21. Craig

    Social Scientist: Dan Zarella

    Uncle Joe, Dan is a great resource as are the rest of the team @Hubspot.These cats are very active and practice what they preach for sure! They offer all kinds of free tools and training, I recently finished Inbound Marketing University well worth the time invested.