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  1. JoeC

    Thinking about Getting

    Hello L, I would HIGHLY recommend looking at Dealerfire. does a god job but the website customization and support that Dealerfire offers is unparalleled compared to any provider that I have used. Just call Dealerfire's main number and you will get a member of their support staff...
  2. JoeC

    Low Cost Live Chat Software

    I wanted to share my experience with Website Alive Live chat ( as I haven't really seen it used in the auto space (although really haven't been looking either). First off, I found this company as I had been looking for a mobile solution to live chat as I man it myself and...
  3. JoeC

    Ford Store, Anyone?

    I just saw this thread. I was actually Finish Line's Ford Marketing & Sales rep for Ford motor Company. I give major credit to Bill Pearson. What you read is true- he literally was pulling his hair out trying to figure out how to sell new cars. Fast forward 1.5 years later- I open a magazine...
  4. JoeC

    Inventory Management Help Please

    We can talk Matt. To be honest within the next 30 days we will be fully converted to the "tradional Reynolds system", So no more uploads to the FTP clients and that mess. All I want is a good, efficient DIY tool. I'm not looking for microsites although would need the vehicle galleries for SEO...
  5. JoeC

    Inventory Management Help Please

    I have had the worst luck with inventory management providers. First with Vin Solutions who couldn't operate correctly with the UCS and Reynolds DMS System and now with Dealer Specialties. I finally was able to get the Ricoh camera we purchased from Vin Solutions (after they messed with the...
  6. JoeC

    Low Cost Live Chat Software

    I am an Internet Director of a few stores, been a managing partner for a dealer group and I find it very useful. I use it every day for real situations. It' doesn't integrate with the CRM but I find the i-phone application more important. Does your tool integrate with the i-phone or mobile...
  7. JoeC

    Low Cost Live Chat Software

    AliveChat via Website Alive is great. It's $29 per month and has an i-phone application so you can chat on the go. I think they are the only company with an i-phone application? It's works seamless and you can customize everything. Here's a direct link to their website...
  8. JoeC

    1- Yes! Give dealers the ability to get rid of the "every car listed" logo on the first page as we are paying for the videos essentially. 2- Talk to the top 5 ILM tools and get your product integrated with theirs so your clients don't have to do the work. I am working with i-Magic to get the...
  9. JoeC

    I beleive that's where they get you. Much like every other lead provider you do have to pay to get all of the functionality. They guarantee 30 leads per month or your money back after 12 months. There is a warranty involved which is at no cost to the dealer and it's illegal to charge a customer...
  10. JoeC

    No problem Dan!
  11. JoeC

    Is anyone using If so, can you please provide feedback. I'm thinking about decreasing the AT budget and adding this service. I like the fact that "search" is their focus and not lumping 10,000 cars together like Autotrader with the highest paying dealers showing first. How is...
  12. JoeC

    Payplan for Internet Employee?

    Thanks everyone. That's helpful. While I know the payplans are personal, what would you recommend more specifically as a pay plan for someone starting out. For example, if I were to hire someone without experience, the hourly wage I can figure out but how would you set the levels for...
  13. JoeC

    Payplan for Internet Employee?

    Thank you!!! May sound funny but during my conversation with the owner I was stumped.
  14. JoeC

    DMS recommendations since Reynolds is locking people out...

    I used ADP and Dealer Track/Arkona all under the same roof and went thru the DealerTrack/Arkona implementation. The good news about Dealertrack is the web interface. They use a GUI screen that allows users to use a lot of point and click rather than function keys+ you can easily have remote...
  15. JoeC

    Payplan for Internet Employee?

    Hello, and thank you in advance for your responses. In late February we created an Internet Department that would service two Ford stores. The stores each had their own pseudo Internet teams selling about 16 cars combined. With the help of a little consistency we have doubled the sales and sell...
  16. JoeC

    Matt- any word on the credit? I didnt hear anything back.

    Matt- any word on the credit? I didnt hear anything back.
  17. JoeC

    Dreamweaver and SPRY menu bars

    Does anyone have a good resource for modifying the SPRY menu bar in Dreamweaver CS5 ( I think version 3 & 4 is the same for this purpose)? It's simple to insert but extremely frustrating to customize? If you know of a good on-line resource it would be very helpful. Thank you in advance!
  18. JoeC

    VinSolutions Support Problems.

    Matt- I'm sending you an e-mail.
  19. JoeC

    Email Versus Phone

    I put myself in the customer's "shoes". If I'm online seriously looking for a new TV, wouldnt that be great if someone would contact me within a few minutes and answer all my questions. I find although some people submit leads, it's their spouse or someone else in the family's e-mail, and maybe...
  20. JoeC

    iMagic Email "reply" problem

    The company is awesome. They exceed my expectations every time as well. Any time a vendor brings up another ILM tool I say, don't bother. It helped take one of our stores, using it properly, from 5-10 cars a month to 26-30 per month!