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  1. Blake Arbogast

    Dealer Inspire Online Shopper Success?

    :rofl: I wish. He took my job three years ago, I just forgot to introduce him.
  2. Blake Arbogast

    Dealer Inspire Online Shopper Success?

    Todd, Thanks for the info we signed up yesterday. I will update with ROI info at the end of the month. I would like to introduce Dave Novotny to the Refresh community. He took over my job of eCommerce Director for the Dave Arbogast Group.
  3. Blake Arbogast acquires Dealer Inspire

    This is why Joe is awesome! Thanks brother and congrats.
  4. Blake Arbogast

    TAKE POLL VS AutoTrader VS CarGurus

    Joe, Do you have any insight on Todd leaving the third party vendors? Did he miss a beat? I can't remember if it was during your tenure or after...
  5. Blake Arbogast acquires Dealer Inspire

    I just pray Joe stays on for a long time. Dealer Inspires service has always been amazing. I loved that no matter how big they got it still felt like a boutique website company. Only time will tell if the corporate structure will ruin a good thing.
  6. Blake Arbogast

    TAKE POLL VS AutoTrader VS CarGurus

    Great insight guys. Thanks. I'm interested in hearing from some dealers who have taken the plunge by canceling one or all of their third party lead providers. In know the Used Car King, Todd Caputo did it couple of years ago. Haven’t talked to him for a while, been up to my eyeballs in car...
  7. Blake Arbogast

    TAKE POLL VS AutoTrader VS CarGurus

    I understand each third party site performs differently across the country. My questions is do we need to be on all three sites...
  8. Blake Arbogast

    TAKE POLL VS AutoTrader VS CarGurus

    I’m going to resurrect my boy Jeff’s thread… In the last couple years Car Gurus has definitely taken over the number one spot. For years I’ve questioned whether we really need to be on all the third party sites. For example a couple months ago I bought my wife a car and visited Car Gurus...
  9. Blake Arbogast

    Inventory Marketing, Which Is Better?

    Emily, Free sites = Future Paid Sites Take a look at this past thread:
  10. Blake Arbogast

    Why Yelp should Seriously Eat S*^&% and Die

    Our Buick GMC store has 17 good reviews and 1 bad on yelp. All 17 good are "not recommended." Yelp = A-Holes On a side note planned on throwing on a Yelp t-shirt at NADA this year. Changed my mind, I really value my life.
  11. Blake Arbogast

    Dealersocket Issues

    Jason, Yes they did. Call your account manager and have them turn it off site wide. When entering a trade use the free text function. Sorry it took me a couple of days to answer. If you need anything else hit me up.
  12. Blake Arbogast

    Think Before You Sign - Third Party Lead Providers

    I know this is similar to many other threads but I needed to rant. :mad: When are dealers going to stop signing up for every third party vendor. If none of us sign up, they will go away. I love what AutoNation is doing. Let’s see what happens if we stop relying on third parties for leads...
  13. Blake Arbogast

    Window Sticker App

    Yes, but for General Motors.
  14. Blake Arbogast

    Window Sticker App

    Looking for a window sticker app for my Buick GMC store details and listing page. Any ideas?
  15. Blake Arbogast

    DealerRefresh / DTT Event - Need Your Help!!

    Only one day? If I'm going to get my butt on a plane, it's gotta be at least 2 days. That was my biggest problem with Driving Sales Presidents Club. It's a lot of rigamaro for a one day event. I love DC.
  16. Blake Arbogast

    Cobalt - redirect?

    No chance. You would give GM a heart attack. Have you tried Cobalt's new Flex Site? It's not bad, my conversion has doubled. If we can get them to change the conversion forms the sites would perform really well.
  17. Blake Arbogast Followup Emails With Other Dealers Inventory

    Todd, You're the man! If anyone can be successful with this, it's you. Keep us updated.
  18. Blake Arbogast

    Should I cancel I heard Carmax has.

    Jerry I wish I was only spending $10,000!