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  1. Craig

    Are you making it easier for your salespeople?

    So, I was shamelessly self promoting an article I wrote on the blog a few years back through twitter last night & Jeff seemed to think it was relevant enough still today to ask these questions here. Take a read and ask yourself, Are we making it easier or are we confusing our salespeople who...
  2. Craig

    Congratulations to & Uncle Joe

    Wanted to say congrats to for adding Uncle Joe to the mix of great people in VT. I first met Joe here on refresh so I knew this was the place to officially wish them both the best of luck with this new partnership! Joe, once Alex teaches you how to snowboard I will have to make it a...
  3. Craig

    Who writes your web content?

    So after looking at everyone's shiny new web toys that have been released over the past month's worth of conferences it's become more apparent to me that the biggest difference we can make is by having great web content, not adding more tech. Now, I know Brian Pasch has been pitching the...
  4. Craig

    Verizon Iphone

    Who else is waiting for a Verizon Iphone? Yeah, I know Uncle Joe....."forget about the iphone, go Droid" All I know is how great is a phone when you ask somebody how they like it they go on forever about it, then you ask "yeah, but what about AT&T service?" you get the same answers of how...
  5. Craig

    Things are gonna start happening for me now!

    Just wanted to make my move from "refreshed" to "SERIOUS REFRESHER" in a big here it is my 100th comment on the tech forum.......I'm not at this level on any of the other places included in my Digital Footprint, so I guess that says enough about how much I like it here! What's a...
  6. Get Podium
  7. Craig

    AutoRemarketing CPO Forum

    Anyone attending AutoRemarketing's CPO Forum in San Diego Nov 8th & 9th? This kid will be there. Home | CPO 2010: The Certified Pre-Owned Conference
  8. Craig

    Anyone using Auto Alert?

    Looks like a nice setup, however does not integrate with CRM. Wondering if anyone has any first hand experience with Auto Alert. Thanks
  9. Craig

    Direct Snail Mail recommendation

    Sorry to tie up an internet marketing forum with some "old school" direct mail's been so long since we've done something with traditional marketing and I know there are folks out there reading that have great traditional marketers they use for things like direct mail pieces...
  10. Craig

    Key Systems for Car Dealers

    I can't believe we don't have one already, but...... we are looking at KeyTrack as a system for organizing our keys. Does anyone have suggestions?
  11. Craig

    Adobe Creative Master suite for Mac

    In looking to take my computer ability to the next level I'm interested in Adobe Creative Master Suite. I figure this will take me as far as I need for right now. My question is I don't want to have to spend the 2000 plus for the software and I'm not into ripping pirate programs online. Has...