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  1. Blake Arbogast

    Think Before You Sign - Third Party Lead Providers

    I know this is similar to many other threads but I needed to rant. :mad: When are dealers going to stop signing up for every third party vendor. If none of us sign up, they will go away. I love what AutoNation is doing. Let’s see what happens if we stop relying on third parties for leads...
  2. Blake Arbogast

    Window Sticker App

    Looking for a window sticker app for my Buick GMC store details and listing page. Any ideas?
  3. Blake Arbogast

    Dealersocket Issues

    Need some help, We have a multi-franchise group with Car, RV and Boat dealerships. Until a recent upgrade Dealersocket was able to integrate with my RV and Boat stores. Now it doesn't. The root of the issue is they can't turn off Vin explosion. We cannot enter trades of any motorcycle, RV...
  4. Blake Arbogast

    GM Dealers Check

    Had to add a new thread, because I'm so pissed off... GM dealers check your "BOB" button on This morning to my surprise it's now forwarding to my Cobalt site. First Google places, now Autotrader. AHHHHHH :mad:
  5. Blake Arbogast

    20 Group Openings

    I'm looking to join an innovative 20 group. I want more work, less play. Anyone have an opening? If not, any advice on finding the perfect 20 group?
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  7. Blake Arbogast

    Carfax Pricing

    Check your Carfax bill! Effective April 1, 2012, monthly flat rate price for Carfax will be $1,899. Holy crap!! Talk about sticking it to the dealers. :mad:
  8. Blake Arbogast

    F&I Manager - Dayton, Ohio

    Flexible Hours, 401k, Benefits & Vacation Professional Training Qualifications: Extensive auto-dealership F&I experience with a proven track record Experience in loan finance, leasing, secondary finance & proven sales skills Motivation and attitude to further your career Please visit...
  9. Blake Arbogast

    Digital Marketing Strategies Conference

    I'm trying to decide if I should attend the Digital Marketing Strategies Conference before NADA. Is anyone else going?
  10. Blake Arbogast

    ADP Consulting

    DealerRefresh Community, I need a little help. I'm trying to use ADP for my RV store and it's not going well. ADP is obviously geared more toward the Automotive industry and not the RV world. Do any of you have a great ADP consultant I can contact? I don't need someone familiar with the RV...
  11. Blake Arbogast

    Sales Contest Ideas?

    I need some help. I'm looking for some contest ideas for my sales team. I want to end the year off with a bang. Does anyone have anything innovative, unique, and/or exciting?
  12. Blake Arbogast

    Digital Dealer Spam

    Is anyone else getting solicited like crazy after signing up for digital dealer. I don't remember checking a box allowing them to sell my info...maybe I did. Who knows?
  13. Blake Arbogast

    Dealersocket Running Slow?

    Am I the only one or is Dealersocket running at a snails pace. We are experiencing serious problems with their system timing out. On a busy Saturday the last thing you want is your CRM to be unusable. We've gotten the run from support for the last year and they have no solution. Are any of you...
  14. Blake Arbogast

    Autotrader Fraud?

    I need to use up some of the Dealer Refresh knowledge base. A dealer in my area is pricing their vehicles with this disclaimer in the comments: Seller's Description and Comments **Auto prices reflect a $1000 minimum trade and $500 cash down.
  15. Blake Arbogast

    Best Camera for Online Photos

    I have tried numerous cameras and have had bad results with each... - Camera 1: Sony Point and Shoot = created tunnel vision picture - Camera 2: Canon EOS Rebel = Even on the lowest setting the pictures were to big to upload - Camera 3: Canon EOS 20D = My personal camera, 8 years old...lowest...
  16. Blake Arbogast

    After Hour Lead Response - Vendors

    I am looking for the best vendor to handle my GM 1 Source leads after hours. I hate having to use an outside company but as talked about in other threads I'm sick of having my blackberry under my pillow. Who does a good job?
  17. Blake Arbogast

    The Email Survey

    I'm interested in seeing what you all send a survey to customers asking them to rate there experience with your BDC ... but is it necessary? I'm starting to wonder if customers are just seeing it as another frick'n email flooding there inbox...(I know I do.) I want the...
  18. Blake Arbogast

    I hate Blackberrys!

    I'm an iPhoner for life (and yes I just created the word "iPhoner!"). Problem is GM is pushing me to get a Blackberry, and there is no way I'm paying $400 for a Bold. Does anyone have an old Blackberry they want to sell? PS Long live the iPhone!
  19. Blake Arbogast

    Outsourcing SEO

    I'm interested to see if people are completely working on SEO in house or outsource it to a company. Currently I am managing it myself with the help of
  20. Blake Arbogast

    GM 1 Source Leads

    Alright GM dealers, these gm1source leads are pain in the ass. There has to be a way to create a template that will stop the clock. I've tested out a couple different ways and have failed....any advise?
  21. Blake Arbogast

    Creating email campaigns

    I'm sure dealer refresh has talked about this on the Blog, but I was wondering how/what everyone is using to send out email campaigns. I'm currently using Mail Chip....just started using it so I don't have a verdict yet.