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Deals4Dealers 50 Free Hand Written Vehicle Comments! dealerassistNow

Sep 10, 2020
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All we do is create online vehicle descriptions that have proven their effectiveness for thousands of dealerships across the United States and Canada. In fact, our professional writers have crafted more than 8 million vehicle listings already, and each one is carefully formulated by hand — not simply jumbled up by a computer algorithm. Readers can tell the difference, and our copy also has been finely tuned for SEO advantages, carefully researched and edited, and tells a story in a customer-friendly style that reflects well on your dealership. Further, if you need something special for a unique car or truck, our writers can craft a fresh listing for you in just 24 hours. In any case, with your pictures and smart pricing, the results are designed to stand out in a crowded digital marketplace.

Let us show you how your current comments grade with Google, give you a quote, and write 50 free comments for you! Contact me anytime at 402-969-0072, or via email at [email protected].