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A website for your Dealership Employment Brand ?

Jeff Kershner

May 1, 2005
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Adam Robinson of Hireology recently shared 2 articles [1] and [2] over on the blog focusing on defining, identifying, and building your Dealership's Employment Brand. I personally love this topic.

Prediction: The Buzz Terms for 2015 into 2016 will be "Human Capital" and "Human Capital Strategies" - mark my words!

After you've [1] identified your Employment Brand, it's time to promote it to attract and hire Top Talent, rather simply hiring your competitors’ castoffs - you know how we dealers do it.

We (dealers) spend a ton of money every month to brand and advertise to new/used car buyers. But what if we dig a bit deeper to identify our Employment Brand? After all, most dealers across the nation have a much higher employee turn rate than they care to disclose.

Pull up your dealer website right now and see if you can identify your Employment Brand. What you usually find...
  • About Us - usually filled with pre-populated jargon that was part of the template and reads the same as it did 5-8 years ago.
  • Meet Our Staff - usually incomplete with missing photos of employees and includes only half of the sales and service team (because you refuse to add any new employees until they make it past the 3 month mark.)
  • Our Reviews - maybe just maybe you're a dealership that takes your ratings and reviews very seriously, so you have a widget or framed in reviews page that highlights all your current positive reviews only.
  • You Finally get to the Careers Page that's stale and hasn't had a job post listed for over 3 YEARS.
If bet if you visited 50 random dealer websites, you would be lucky to find even 1 that provides some additional branding that showcases their culture, benefits and job openings.

Of course your own Dealership Employment Website isn't the only platform that can be utilized to showcase your employment brand. As Adam mentions, Facebook is an extremely powerful platform to promote for top talent.

How much valuable real-estate is your dealership currently using to promote your Dealerships' Employment Brand?

If you know of any good examples, please share in the comments below! If you have any idea or tip on how a dealer could promote their Employee Brand - please share below.