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Events & Workshops ATTEND: Online Sales Success Workshop - JUNE 18th

Jeff Kershner

May 1, 2005
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The Annual Online Sales Success Workshop is hosted by the ONE and ONLY - COREY MOSLEY!!

It's that time again, time for the one and only Cory Mosley to host his Annual Online Sales Success Workshop. Join Cory and the great line-up of speakers TUESDAY, JUNE 18TH, 2019 in RICHMOND, VIRGINIA at the Hyatt House Richmond West.

There's limited seating and after speaking with Cory earlier there's only a limited number of seats still available. For more information and to register --> https://dlrfr.sh/OSSWRegister

The Annual Online Sales Success Workshop is a 1-Day Event for your more progressive dealerships - No exhibit halls, no booths, just a day of education and strategies from some of our industries most innovative companies and subject matter experts.

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Real Industry Experts

Cory's Online Sales Success Workshop features Founders, Presidents, VP’s, and subject matter experts from some of our industries most award-winning companies. The majority of the speakers have direct roots working inside retail car dealerships and all are dedicated to helping dealers become more progressive and profitable.

Featured topics include:
  • Competition Crushing SEO/PPC
  • The Online-to-Offline Experience
  • Used Vehicle Merchandising
  • Social Media Sales & Marketing
  • Best-in-Class Video & SMS Tactics
  • Buying Behavior Trends

Speakers include:

Eric Miltsch
Co-Founder & Director of Marketing for Dealer Teamwork

Jasen Rice
Owner & Founder of Lotpop

Jeff Clark

Tim Cox
Co-Founder of CarNow

Kerri Wise
VP, Industry Relations & Education for TrueCar

Steve Roessler
VP of Sales for DriveCentric CRM

Lowell Perry
Director of Strategic accounts for Roadster

Sean V. Bradley
Founder & President of Dealer Synergy

Paul Potratz

You can check out each speakers video interview - https://mosleyautomotive.com/speaker-interview-series/

Get Podium

Jeff Kershner

May 1, 2005
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If you were contemplating on attending Cory's 14th Annual Online Sales Success Workshop on June 18th in Richmond, Va, after today's RefreshFriday let's agree there's no further reason to contemplate - Fantastic agenda, today's most relevant topics, several case/data studies, industry leading speakers, and an array of bonuses for attendees AND you get to see the one and only Cory Mosley - click here to register: https://dlrfr.sh/OSSWRegister

Today we have the one and only Cory Mosley joining us! Cory has his 14th Annual Online Sales Success Workshop in a few weeks. We’re going to get the deets on what’s happening at this special 1-day workshop on June 18th in Richmond, VA. Who’s speaking and why… discuss some of the featured topics. Who knows where else the conversation takes us but anytime Cory is involved, there’s guaranteed to be some laughs. Enjoy!!

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Eley Duke

Nov 30, 2009
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If your within 2-4 hours of Richmond your missing out not attending this.

I really would love to go, but I cannot drive due to a foot injury. I am still paying the cost so I can get the recordings, you can do the same, but if I were you I would attend, get enlightened, and meet some great people. Cory does a great job with his all star line up. Only 2 missing are Jeff and Alex!
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