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BREAKING news! Carvana & Vroom is bleeding cash. Is Ecommerce in auto DOA?

Alex Snyder

President Skroob
May 1, 2006
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Jul 14, 2022
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2020 was a year that many business owners and entrepreneurs would like to forget, both in terms of how it impacted their professional and personal lives. Many businesses were forced to close their doors and others tried to hold on as long as possible until they couldn't continue. Covid-19 also encouraged businesses to shift to a completely digital landscape. Retail stores were forced to sell online-only, and restaurants had to pivot to online ordering and delivery models to survive. While we are now technically in a post-pandemic environment, stronger variants are now showing signs of a possible similar situation. Whether we experience another shutdown across the world is uncertain, but one thing is very clear: Marketing has changed forever. If this information is interesting read more.