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PR & News CallRevu Acquires CallSource Automotive Division

Jeff Kershner

May 1, 2005
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Came across this tidbit of news a few minutes ago - CallRevu Acquires CallSource

– September 7th, 2021 – CallRevu, a leading provider of call management solutions exclusively focused on the automotive industry, announced today its acquisition of CallSource’s Automotive division. The acquisition will form one of the largest and most innovative providers of revenue-generating tools for the automotive industry empowering them to convert more leads, improve the caller’s journey, and increase their revenue.

CallRevu was founded in 2008, to help dealerships solve problems within the phone experience. For over a decade, CallRevu has maintained a singular focus on the automotive industry, keeping the dealer’s success central to its mission. This includes CallRevu’s recently released Communication Intelligence (CI) platform which leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning backed by the quality assurance of human automotive-trained specialists to improve productivity by up to 44%.

“CallRevu has always admired CallSource – we share a common focus on service. This investment was an easy decision as it provides an opportunity for us to deliver greater innovation, insights, and value to our collective customers – reinforcing our position as the industry’s only automotive-centric provider. Welcome to CallRevu, we are excited to show you how important you are to us, and how committed we are to your success,” said Anthony Giagnacovo, CEO of CallRevu.

With CallRevu’s acquisition of CallSource Automotive, it will combine the best of both businesses to advance its unmatched technology with new and innovative features like more integrations with CRM and Telephony providers, richer insights and alerts to optimize marketing effectiveness and deal closure, and an omni-channel approach for a single, unified voice with the customer.

“Through many years as peers in the automotive industry, we have had the chance to identify CallRevu as a great company that shares a common set of values with CallSource. For this reason, we are confident that CallRevu is the right partner to write the next chapter of growth and innovation for CallSource’s Automotive division,” said Elliot Leiboff, CEO of CallSource.

As a combined company, we are excited about the innovative and market-leading solutions we are creating together for the automotive industry – simply put, BETTER TOGETHER!


Alex Snyder

President Skroob
May 1, 2006
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I came in here to post that, as it just hit my inbox, and you beat me to it!

So, I'll opine first. Rumor is CallSource hasn't been in the best financial place for the past few years. I enjoyed working with that team during my Dealer.com days. Jason Scinnoca and I spent a lot of time innovating into the Dealer.com CRM with transcriptions a decade ago. Many memories with that company.

I hope Jason got a decent exit and can go full speed at AutoID.

Also congrats to Anthony Giagacovo at CallRevu for the acquisition. Does this make CallRevu the big fish in automotive retail call tracking?