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Collect Car Buyer Leads CHEAPLY & EFFECTIVELY!


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Nov 12, 2018
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You know what the most frustrating part of marketing is? Building a website to capture sales leads through.

Whether you're running Facebook Ads like us, or looking to find more intuitive ways of gathering lead information, we can all agree. Building a landing page is costly, both from a time perspective and monetary one.

I've done in all. Having used the wordpress platform for years, and other lead page providers like ClickFunnels, it took me quite some time to narrow down the best of the best, which is why I'm PROUD to write this short tutorial on how to build a sales funnel, along with how to use one with Facebook Ads EFFECTIVELY. So you may get results like THESE:

If you'd like to watch a short video tutorial I made on the topic, you may watch it HERE:

Otherwise you may continue reading. As I try to go in-depth on why I use Phonesites, how to setup your first funnel, how to implement tracking, and finally how to run an effective campaign & funnel using Facebook Ads.

WHY should I use Phonesites?

Because paying web developers is super costly, and using platforms like wordpress to capture leads can be both insecure AND hard to implement. Finally, not many people have the time or the coding experience to effectively optimize a website to be dynamically displayed for each device type AND to be lightweight.

These are all VERY important things to account these days - knowing most online traffic is mobile, which loads internet content through cellular service. Serving your users lightweight content that dynamically loads is almost mandatory in 2019. And if you're not doing so, you're behind.

Phonesites makes serving dynamic/lightweight landing pages easy for those who have ZERO coding experience. And at the price of only $47/m (for now), this landing page builder & lead management system is almost a STEAL. (You can start a 7 day FREE trial using this page HERE)

How do I setup my first Landing Page on Phonesites?

Setting up your first landing page is an incredibly straightforward process. Being that you need absolutely NO coding experience to do so, almost anybody can do it. All from the comfort of their desktop computer, notebook, and even their PHONE!

Simply navigate to your Phonesites dashboard and hit the big blue button on your upper right hand side named "+ New Website". From there a menu will pop up asking what you'd like to name the website, as well as the subdomain you'd like to assign to the website. (You can temporarily set a subdomain to the website, and reassign an actual domain to the website at a later time)

From there you can click the landing page you just created, and be redirected to a configuration dashboard. Which will give you a variety of configuration/informational options to choose from.

Once you click into the specific funnel you intend to edit, you'll be directed to a page with a sample page named "My Homepage", click into it & disregard all other menu options for now.

You'll be redirected into a landing page builder identical to the image posted above, which has a LOAD of configuration options to choose from, including a LIVE PREVIEW OF YOUR LANDING PAGE. Don't worry your head off just yet, as you've just entered the bread and butter of the funnel building process - the landing page builder.

So we're going to break down each configuration option into a bunch of segments. Explaining what each is for, how to edit them, and what we'd personally recommend editing.

#1: Header Image

The header image is an editable element located at the topmost portion of the page, and is where you may import your own unique logo, or any other image you desire to add into this page section. I prefer to use transparent files (vectors), as they minimize file size and ensure your page will load quickly in nearly any browsing environment.

#2: Headline

The headline is located beneath the header image, as shown in the image above, and can be edited however you please. My preference is to keep the headline text as-short-as-possible. As it can render quite awkwardly on mobile devices if it's too long, or be a bit condensed on desktop devices if it's too short. By adjusting the length of text you use, you'll find the correct size for all device types!

#3: Sub-Headline

Self Explanatory - the Sub-Headline is the element directly beneath the Headline. This is the area I prefer placing a call-to-action, or text that drives intent. This can be whatever length you please. However, try and keep it less than a couple paragraphs. Having a long Sub-Headline can decrease retention rates, thus decreasing conversion rate.

#4: Sub-Image

The Sub-Image is located beneath the Sub-Headline. This is where you may put an image (NOTE REQUIRED), should the page require more images. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND not placing too many images onto your page, and disregarding a secondary image all together. The MORE images a page has, the LONGER the page will take to load.

#5: Text Fields & Custom Fields

Phonesites is so darn configurable... You can add your own custom fields, or enable/disable fields you'd prefer not to use. The choice is literally up to you!

Depending on what information is most valuable to you, you may configure it however you'd like. Keep in mind, the more fields you ask for a person to fill, the lesser the chance they'll fill out the form. We're creatures that LOVE instant gratification! The less time the form takes to fill, the better.

#6: Footer Text

The Footer Text is an area where you may add a disclaimer, or anything you choose. It's not required, and I personally recommend removing the default text from the footer. As it's distracting, and could make people drop off the page entirely.

One of the greatest things about Phonesites is it's ability to pass off leads however you'd like. And if your CRM has a lead importation system, it can be quite straightforward to pass off leads through email, Zapier Integration, Web Hooks, whatever you prefer. For now we will be discussing Phonesites advanced options - implementing tracking, and sending leads to an email of your choice.

Passing Leads via Email:

Phonesites delivers leads to you directly to whichever email you specify, when a lead is received. You can configure this setting if you navigate to your funnel, select the page you wish to edit, and navigate to the settings menu option.

Under advanced you will find an option named "Notify". On the right hand side of this you'll see a textbox, where you can enter any number emails you wish to send this lead off to. (separated by a comma, no spaces)

If you enter an email into this textbox, make sure to hit the save button located on the upper right hand side. You will then be configured to send emails from your funnel, once a lead is submitted.

Implementing Tracking:

If your intention is to advertise on Facebook, you're going to want to implement a pixel. You can learn more about Facebook Advertising and the Facebook Pixel HERE.

If you already know what the pixel is and where to find it, then we're ready to move on.

Once you've copied your pixel code, you want to paste the full code exampled in the text below into the Custom Code textbox, which is right beneath the Notify textbox. The code should look like this:

<!-- Facebook Pixel Code -->
s.parentNode.insertBefore(t,s)}(window, document,'script',
fbq('init', '*examplepixelid*');
fbq('track', 'PageView');
<noscript><img height="1" width="1" style="display:none"
<!-- End Facebook Pixel Code -->

Once implemented, Facebook will collect data of those who travel to your newly build landing page, and find more individuals who fall in the same demographic. Improving your marketing algorithmically.

Implementing Tracking:


The best way to begin running ads for your dealership is to check out my previous thread HERE and learn all about the different ad objectives, angles, and various other topics included in the thread.

Beyond this though, the biggest pieces of advice I can give are:


And what I mean by that is TEST a variation of promotions. If you want to go after subprime individuals, do it. If you want to run a promotion exclusive for physicians, do it. You want to test what works, and invest time into doing so. Sometimes things will flop, but once you come across a winner it'll be like printing money. :tiphat:


Don't be afraid to invest in yourself. You might need to spend some money before you have enough data to execute a successful campaign. Running ads is an art, and it comes with it's own trials and errors. If you can push through the difficulties of running ads, you'll find success in doing so.


This is not a one size fits all kind of thing. You need to test new angles, test your targeting, and really get creative with things. Sometimes a campaign you thought was a flop turns out well because it had time to optimize. In other instances you might have a campaign go very well from the beginning, and them bottom out after a while. And although there are a number of factors why this would happen, one of the greatest ways to combat this is to stay diversified, stay on top of things, and NOT BEING AFRAID TO TRY NEW THINGS.

Just like my previous thread, I want to make a contribution to the community and generate a plethora of information that you guys can use to leverage lead gen. Should you have any questions related to this thread, or anything beyond that, feel free to post below. I'd be more than happy to give you insight!


Sep 4, 2019
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This is very informative of course. You said that you have used Wordpress for many years. I have used that platform for many years as well and will always try to implement it when possible, before trying other options...

Why can't you build something similar within Wordpress that can be duplicated when needed and store all the same functions?
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Getting Refreshed
Nov 12, 2018
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This is very informative of course. You said that you have used Wordpress for many years. I have used that platform for many years as well and will always try to implement it when possible, before trying other options...

Why can't you build something similar within Wordpress that can be duplicated when needed and store all the same functions?
You could definitely have people directed to a short form on Wordpress, or any other CMS you desire. However, if you have no coding experience, it could make using a CMS to collect leads challenging. Especially if you have the intention of sending these leads in ADF/XML format to your CRM, or plumbing them directly to your phone.

That's the beauty of landing page builders. They're cheap, easy to use, incredibly simple to connect with other integrations/applications. It really does make building these pages in mass easier. (for the most part).
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Ben B

Jul 15, 2019
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Hey John.H

Could phonesites be used with carousel ads or would it be to difficult to setup? Our leads email sends info to Vinsolutions does it import the information in adf/xml format?

Alexander Lau

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Feb 11, 2015
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You're a very smart dude and the future of automotive. Don't let any old fuck tell you differently. Do your own thing.

Nicely done!