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Press Release Fidelis PPM Adds Remote Auto Repair for Indy, BHPH

Discussion in 'Automotive News, Press Releases, and Events' started by Jim Leman, Apr 24, 2018.

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  1. Jim Leman

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    Feb 14, 2018
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    SCOTTSDALE, AZ, April 24, 2018 – Independent and Buy Here-Pay Here (BHPH) dealers will attract more customers and sell more cars by offering shoppers Fidelis PPM preventive maintenance now including at-home or at-work vehicle repair services.

    Fidelis PPM has teamed with GetWrench.com mobile vehicle maintenance services to give dealers that offer their customers Fidelis prepaid maintenance plans extra competitive advantage in their markets.

    Fidelis PPM maintenance plans feature discount-priced oil, filter, and tire rotation services. The added GetWrench.com service, called Wrench, is a no-charge upgrade for dealers and their customers. Dealers either pre-load or sell these plans. Plan savings and this new service convenience impress customers, who remember the dealership’s special touch.

    “Impressed customers say great things about their dealer – and dealers that build maintenance convenience into buyers’ schedules to keep their vehicle investment running longer become repeat customers,” says Ryan Williams, President of Fidelis PPM.

    “It’s proven that car buyers who service their vehicles at the dealers tend to purchase other cars there, but independent and BHPH dealers who lack service facilities for customers can lose this connection,” Williams added, “which our program including Wrench services reinvigorates.”

    Wrench is a full-service shop without the shop, offering a full range of maintenance services from oil changes and tune-ups to brake jobs and no-starts. Wrench staffs ASE-certified technicians and the tools and parts to maintain or repair most any car and service need. Fidelis PPM plans with Wrench now service independent and BHPH dealers in the Seattle, Portland, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Phoenix markets.

    “Customers schedule with us using our app, website, or phone, and our expert mobile technicians arrive at their home or place of business fully equipped to deliver excellent results. Our convenience strengthens positive impressions about their dealer,” says Wrench Co-Founder Casey Willis.

    Wrench completes all scheduled Fidelis PPM services at no charge to the customer. The customer pays for any additional parts and labor they agree to if identified by the Wrench technician. Wrench also provides a 12-month/12k mile warranty with any of these additional services.

    About Fidelis PPM

    Fidelis PPM, a CU Direct company, turns prepaid maintenance into a brand-building, revenue-generating retention machine. Developed by dealers, Fidelis PPM knows the importance of substantiating ROI from its products. Powered by Driv Customer Retention Software, Fidelis PPM provides an easy-to-use interface for at-a-glance tracking of dealers’ ROI on their PPM program. For more information, visit www.getfidelis.com or email Williams at [email protected]

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