DealerAuthority Instagram Best Practices: Promoting Your Service Department


Oct 16, 2018
Raleigh, North Carolina
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Let's talk about Instagram.

If the number of touch points it takes to create a deal is 20+ (according to Google), then Instagram should be part of a dealership's digital strategy. This strategy isn't limited to the showroom either. Taking a customer behind the scenes and introducing them to your service department can help your customers feel more confident about bringing their vehicle back to you when their next service need occurs.


In our latest blog, our Social Strategist, Emily Bower digs into five key ways you can utilize Instagram to help keep your service bays full...READ ON.
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Jeff Kershner

May 1, 2005
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Instagram is pretending to be something like Wallmart, everyone is trying to buy or to sell smthng
I agree, I've been all but done with FB. If it weren't for having the DealerRefresh page and RefreshFriday - I have a feeling I would have closed my account a few years ago. Up until the last few months I found myself on IG quite a bit, but that has changed here lately. SO MANY ADS and if it's not a sponsored ad it's someone shoving CBD in my face every 5th post. :banghead: I get it - CBD is good for you!


Getting Refreshed
Apr 12, 2019
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How many people do you follow on Instagram @Jeff Kershner?

I have a theory on IG ads (and it isn't backed by any specific data other than talking with other Instagram users). My theory is that the more people you follow, the fewer ads you are served. Again, I don't have data to say that this is how the algorithm works; however, I have heard this same complaint from other Instagram users and they didn't follow very many accounts. What if because there is such a large time gap between posts from accounts that you follow, Instagram fills the feed with ads that follow your interest and online habits?

This line of thought could make sense! Yes, no, maybe?

Ex. I personally follow 1,595 accounts and typically see about 2 - 3 ads for every 15 or so posts in my feed.

Anyone else buy this theory?

Facebook states that ads are effected by the account user's engagement - so if you are clicking on more ads you will be served more ads. And this goes for both platforms - Facebook and Instagram. Your engagement on both apps affects the ads that are severed to you - but in that same line of thought, if you are also not following very many people, your engagement level would also be different than a user that is following 1,500++ accounts... I thought is that both are interconnected.

Only those who created the algorithm truly know, but those are just my two cents

Instagram is a great place to showcase the personality of your dealership and give your customers the opportunity to be a part of your marketing process. Most people would be more than happy to pose in front of their newly purchased vehicle and let the dealership tag them. It's also the opportunity to showcase unique features and be creative with your imagery when presenting your inventory. 3.5 million people that use the platform daily are automotive enthusiasts. Instagram is one of those digital touch-points needed to get a new customer to schedule a test drive. I'm sold on its value!
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