Montway Live Events Survey - What Swag Do You Put In Your Bag?

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Mar 7, 2022
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Have you attended an automotive conference lately? Like most of the industry, things sure have changed in the last couple of years! We'd love to know your opinions on recent and upcoming conferences. Please comment with your answers.

  1. What are your top 3 “must-attend” events?
  2. What makes you notice a booth?
  3. What tchotchkes or raffles make you stop? Bonus points if you knew how to spell “tchotchke.”

If you have other ideas to share, add them to the comments.

Alex Snyder

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May 1, 2006
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Conferences have changed a lot for me since COVID. I used to think of NADA as a must, Digital Dealer to talk to newer dealers, Driving Sales for relations, and JD Power for OEMs, but they're super hit or miss now. I believe things will normalize after dealers need to invoke sales tactics based on supply being higher than demand again.

I've always been one for business, so the bars, babes, raffles, and other booth attractants never worked on me. I come to see those I do business with, those I have a pre-show interest in, and those who employ a connection. I have gone to booths of a particular speaker's endorsement or if that speaker worked for the company.

A quality pen and notepad will find their way into my luggage for the return trip after the show. A quality thing like a Yeti cup or t-shirt has too. "Quality" being the operative word.