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MailChimp Tips? - Spank that monkey!

May 28, 2009
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Now that I have your attention..LOL

I have been using MailChimp for all of my email blast campaigns over the past 6+ years. I like them because they are easy to use and once you get a template built that you like it is simple to swap out offers, event, etc. to stay efficient.
However; they just announced a price increase for my plan which is going to be $1,150 per month to over my 4 stores ( $287.50 per store, yes we are that cheap).

Is anyone out there in DR land using them and more importantly, are you using any of the other features they offer that come with your plan? Interested to see if anyone is using their automated campaigns and how you set them up.
We use them for 11 of our 13 dealerships. I use them for our monthly email blasts and am pretty happy with them. mostly we have an agency send us html and we just import it, but it also gives us the flexibility to send some quick DIY emails when necessary. i have used the automation in the past for some lease end stuff, but mostly we just use it for our monthly sales blasts. crazy that i need to use an outside vendor instead of our crm (elead), but thats the reality.
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