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Rust & Dust
Oct 12, 2011
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Been going over A LOT of internal data (employee survey results yay!) and transferring everything into graphs and such. Lyric-less stuff always helps me focus with this sort of task, takes me back to homework/study days in college. I like to go about 18 years back and put on some Autechre, always hits the spot. My favorite chill/focus stuff...

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Apr 16, 2009
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I also dig listening to pandora on my phone while I am at work. Put on the classic rock station and I am good to go.


Green Pea
Nov 13, 2009
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I always have Pandora playing when I get on an email typing run. It definitely helps me focus!!

favorite Pandora stations are Sublime, Beck and a upbeat funk station I made :)
Mar 24, 2010
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Nice on the Autechre! Hung out with those guys before.

me: got the spotify going with my GrooveKitchen playlist. Chilled, but not ambient. More Downbeats.

Dr. Octagon
Thievery Corp
Omni Trio
Kruder + Dorfmeister

been liking M83 some.. so throwing them in the mix.

Other playlists for fun:

Yacht Rock
! :D
Mixed Crowd Party Mix
Alternative Rock (mostly 90s)
90's Electronica
80's Acid House/New Beat

edit: only saw the last page. funny seeing some EDM on here. i've been known to throw some beats down here and there...
Mar 28, 2012
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The Cab


Boyce Avenue

One Republic

The Wanted

I love these bands listed above - try them out, see if you do too!


Rust & Dust
Mar 7, 2012
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The newest Incubus album turned out a lot better than I thought it would. LMFAO is always fun. REALLY like everything on the Mumford & Sons album. Pusifer is a nice taste of Maynard getting older if you ever liked Tool/A Perfect Circle. Jamie Cullum is a nice Pandora channel if you like contemporary Jazz. I still listen to old sevendust CD's when I need to feed my anger a bit...


Rust & Dust
Oct 12, 2011
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Been listening to a lot of sort of So Cal type tunes as of late. Spring time in the air (or summer already here in SoFl)!

Lord Huron - Son of a Gun
Wu Lyf - We Bros
Hooray For Earth - True Loves
Best Coast - The Only Place
Lady Danville - Cars

Eley Duke

Nov 30, 2009
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I am glad this came back up, I lost my damn iPod sometime in June (probably under the seat of a car we sold) and I have been searching for it ever since but gave up, this has sparked my determination to find it again. In the car I have been listening to XM lately, Spectrum and Classic Rewind, both are great. And I always enjoy Jam On, except when Phish comes on, sorry, I am a classic die hard Widespread fan and can't really stand Phish.

Today I was listening to an iTunes playlist that included;

Alex Clare
The Dead Weather
The Cure
Black Keys
Black Angles
Queens of the Stone Age

Then on to my favorite playlist of blues;
R.L. Burnside
T-Model Ford
Albert Collins
Pinetop Perkins
Buddy Guy
Watermelon Slim
The Memphis Mafia
Junior Kimbrough

and then came on Muddy Waters "Mannish Boy" from Muddy "Mississippi" Waters Live - this was my unwind album for years when i was single. I'd grab a bottle of Jack or a big delicious cab or zin, pack of Camels (quit since), turn the volume up, and unwind....... I am not old yet, although Nicole and Parker are already starting on the 40 jokes for my bday in Sept, but some of you guys are a little younger and into different music by the looks of some play list on here. If you love music you really owe it to yourself to explore some blues to understand the inspirations of some of the classic rock bands that influenced bands today! I am a huge Van Morrison fan, his dad's Muddy Waters albums influenced his music greatly. Great music is influenced by great music!

Alex, not sure if you saw the Black Angles and Black Keys play together at the Norva back in Nov of '06, WOW, that was awesome, and damn glad i had someone to drive me home that night, there were a "few" Budweisers missing from the cooler of the Norva!


Jun 28, 2011
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Eley, another blues fan!

I was listening to a Robert Johnson CD, the other night. I've never heard anyone play a guitar like that. That is the very root of the blues. I like Muddy Waters and Buddy Guy but also Alman Brothers, Stevie Ray and a bunch of Eric Clapton that he had done on his own.

I am old. I was in Dallas, on leave from the service, and got tickets to the Dallas Pop Festival. An uncle let me use his motor home and I went out to the camp grounds where they had a free concert. They had a band called Spirit which was a pretty good regional band but B.B King was jamming with Jimmy Hendrix (who wasn't even appearing at the festival). I wasn't but a few feet away. The next day, I saw Freddy King and Robert Plant.

There were people everywhere sleeping on the ground, on blankets, in pup tents and I had an air conditioned motor home. Fifty yards away was Lake Lewisville where there was always hundreds of kids skinny dipping.

Not only could I not drive, walking was a serous challenge. That was the last party before going to Viet Nam.
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