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Peel'm off the Ceiling
Mar 17, 2014
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Our websites personalizes each consumer's visit by making small changes to the page.
For example, the SRP normally looks like this:
Click on the Nissan logo in the nav to be taken to the homepage and the homepage will immediately switch to a Sentra banner because that's what you were interested in.
Click on the Sentra homepage banner and the SRP has the Sentra banner at the top.
Go back to the homepage in the "Browse New Vehicles By Bodystyle" section.
Choose "CARS" and click on "Sentra"
The SRP now shows the Sentra incentive at the top.

The personalization is fast and it can also read UTM tags if you wanted to tell the website the subject of the referring page. This can be helpful if you have an oil change special. The page can show the oil change banner first when the consumer clicks over: