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Prime Financing for Independents

Sep 15, 2019
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Hello all,

I'm looking for any suggestions for prime financing for independents? My background is high line franchise. Most of my referrals and connections actually have tier 1 credit and want to buy a second car or often times their son/daughter their first car. They will not pay sub prime rates. They used to buy from me at new car stores at 2-5%, they aren't paying 10%+ simply because I don't have a lender. I have sub prime lenders lining up to fight for my business but all the prime banks and credit unions are telling me "we aren't writing any more independents" with no legitimate reason given. I've called just about everyone that's well known and regional and its the same nonsense story. I have a full F&I product portfolio so I'm not about to suggest outside finance. I need to find a prime lender. Can anyone help?
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Mar 17, 2014
Columbus, Nebraska
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There are a few brokers out there that could likely help you. Depending upon what state you are in, Vantage Auto Finance may be an option.

Do you have any type of personal relationship with a Credit Union. CUDL has many prime type credit unions available in their portal, but you have to get into that portal before you can access them. The easiest way to gain access is a personal letter of recommendation from a credit union that participates through CUDL. Unless your store has been in business for a log time...the you should qualify.