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PR & News Sanity for Safety Recall Madness

Jim Leman

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Feb 14, 2018
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First-of-Its-Kind Reference Guide and User’s Manual from AutoAp Addresses ‘Cancerous Grave Risk’ Overwhelming Auto Industry

AutoAp, the foremost vehicle safety-recall, monitoring, intelligence and reporting company, announced today availability of Safety Recalls: Think You’re Covered? – Mitigate Your Liability and Increase Profitability, a most-timely and indispensable reference guide and user’s manual for auto dealers.

“Recalls have become a cancer in the auto industry, presenting a grave risk to consumers and all players in the supply chain, with auto dealers on the front line,” writes David S. Nathanson, managing partner for motormindz, the automotive think tank, in the Foreword to Safety Recalls.

Safety Recalls codifies in one convenient and highly readable guide the problems and challenges of the safety recall ecosystem. For franchised auto dealers, 14.8% of inventory have open-safety recalls, even after checking current recall listing systems, including those provided by OEMs, NHTSA and vehicle history reports.

“Our goal is to make plain to dealers the truth of the liability and loss to profit risk recalls present and remind them not to assume their safety recall identification process is protecting them,” said Mark Paul, AutoAp Founder and CEO, and author of Safety Recalls: Think You’re Covered.

LiabilityScore_Low-High 9.10.jpg For a copy of Safety Recall: Think You’re Covered, the seminal book bringing sanity to recall madness, visit http://www.reduceliability.com

“Most dealers, when asked about their recall management practices, tell us, ‘We’re covered.’ We know from our industry analysis this is not reality –hope is not a strategy for dealing with such a dangerous risk,” Paul said.

“When we first process VINs through AutoAp’s Safety Recall Dynamic Recall Management service, the reality is dealers have inventory with open safety recalls that their current recall-identification processes did not catch,” Paul said. “Safety Recall details why this is so – and why this ‘cancerous’ risk continues to exist.”

AutoAp has collected open rate data since 2015 to quantify how extensive this risk is.

TableA_FullTitle.jpg After “professionalizing” safety recall management – implementing the necessary processes, developing a policy for handling recalls, and having built safety into their culture -- the results, below, show an 83% reduction in open rates for best-practice dealers:

TableB_FullTitle.jpg For a copy of Safety Recall: Think You’re Covered, the seminal book bringing sanity to recall madness, visit http://www.reduceliability.com.

About AutoAp
AutoAp, Inc. is the auto industry’s number one provider of the most accurate, timely, and comprehensive safety recall-management, reporting, alerting and business intelligence services. AutoAp is available in direct and integrated solutions to help dealers, rental companies and fleet managers reduce liability and increase profitability. AutoAp safety-recall identification technology helps dealers increase customer safety and generate additional parts and labor revenue. http://www.autoap.com.

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