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Schema Markup for Vehicle Images


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May 18, 2018
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Hello there! Dealers who are doing their SEO themselves, do you geotag your vehicle images? For example, your lot is located in Florida and you have these F-150 pictures uploaded to your website. You have probably included keywords like Ford F-series Florida into your content and meta so when people search for this term in Google, odds are your dealership will appear (I know that SEO is more than keywords so please save your FYIs). But what about images. I just read an article that says that adding latitude and longitude of your dealership to every image you have on your website can boost your rankings and also they recommend to add schema markup to each photo to let Google know more about where it was taken and other details.

Do you do this on your websites?

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Eric Miltsch

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Apr 16, 2009
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Good question. lat/long coordinates may not have as much impact within the markup. If you're looking to get into that much detail, you're probably better off including the City & ST within an image sitemap and excluding the coordinates. (there may be a cap on the number of image tags per URL in an image map (1000?) so you'd have to include a sitemap index file.)

All of this is a lot of work for very little return. (Plus, hard to scale this for the entire inventory)

I recommend starting off with focusing on local SEO elements first, then moving on to markup items that include more price elements. This helps add more relevance to the organic listings by showing prices & price ranges.
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Marc Lavoie

3rd Base Coach
Jan 3, 2019
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I second what Eric said, really hard to scale, not much ROI. Do this only if you have a ton of free time and have checked all top 50 SEO best practices before...

Good luck!