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SEM Horror Stories

Mar 14, 2014
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SEM and adWords advertising can generate a lot of online business when managed properly. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. One of my friends was the digital marketing director for an oil containment and clean-up product manufacturer. He setup an adWords campaign that was only supposed to run for 1 month but forgot to turn it off. The campaign ended up costing the company over $130k over a full year of running. He still has that job, but they'll never let him forget it.

As a PPC Manager, these are the kinds of stories I hope to never see/hear about myself, but I'm sure everyone has them. So please share your SEM horror stories below.
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Oct 17, 2011
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Letting two separate vendors run our PPC was a long term horror story. The short of it is now we are running the entire group's SEM 200K lighter than before with better results in terms of form subs and phone than before. Monitor what your vendors are up to they don't have anything to lose by under optimizing your campaigns... but you do.
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