Dealer Inspire SEO/DigAd Strategies For Dealers Dealing With COVID-19

Apr 3, 2019
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Hey DealerRefresh community,

Wanted to quickly pop in to share some SEO and DigAd strategy recommendations focused on dealing with the impact of Coronavirus. We've put a blog up highlighting some of the things we've been putting in place for DI SEO and DigAd clients, but wanted to be sure to share the data and recommendations with everyone, regardless of provider. DI is also using Roxanne data to monitor trends, and will be keeping dealers up to date with what we're seeing on our blog. We've put together a series of videos to walk all dealers through key areas of GMB to ensure that everyone has the knowledge they need to connect with their consumers through GMB (blog coming soon, too):
Last thing: Contact [email protected] to request free creative from our team to promote how your dealership is serving customers during this time, whether that's for home delivery, virtual appointments, or your service bay. We are here to help.
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Jeff Kershner

May 1, 2005
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Great idea to update your Dealership hours on GMB if they have changed during this time. Posting any updates on GMB your dealership has taken on due to COVID19 is something I'm about to do. Thanks for the reminder!